… but it’s a DRY cold…

31 01 2008

Well, I only found 13 caches this week, but what a week!

Now I’ve found caches in 115º heat (in Vacaville, CA) AND in ankle-deep snow at -24º with a wind chill of -50º in Edmonton, Canada!


Yowza. Check it out!
Hourly Weather in Edmonton on Jan. 28, 2008
I was out with Kokoscoot, a local cacher, between 11am and noon!

Now I need to get to Death Valley and Mount Whitney for different highs and lows…..

This week took me to Farmington, NM,, and to Edmonton, AB, Canada for singing work, first with Beethoven’s Wig, then with Sixth Wave. On Thursday morning, at 8:20am, I was dressed in a full ball gown, makeup, glittery jewelry, and ready to go, when I got the call that snow had closed the school and the show was cancelled! What now? I changed into warm clothes and went caching, of course!

The weather cleared up over the course of the morning, and the first two were conveniently on either side of the hotel. One was attached to a phone pole and the other was a light pole, so they were easy to grab in the few inches of snow. The third was a mile walk away, but by that time, the sun was out, and I could see a nice view of the surrounding bluffs. This cache was an ammo can in a tree in the owner’s front yard, so I swapped out some TBs, and had a nice, long stroll back.

Water Works
furn gully

Friday was all about performing, and the day after that was all about getting out to Camp Nakamun, 50 miles NW of Edmonton. The photos on their website look nothing like it was, as it was buried in a foot of snow and the lake was completely frozen over with a hockey rink on it. Sixth Wave was there to work with three local jazz choirs and perform with them in nearby St. Albert. Our cabins were about .1 from the main lodge where we ate and rehearsed together, so we got to enjoy the REAL winter weather just going back and forth. One of the choir directors and hosts is an avid cacher (aka Kokoscoot) with over 2,000 finds, and he has a cache hidden near the entrance. He wasn’t sure that even he could find it buried somewhere in the trees, so I had to pass on that one…. aargh!

On Sunday, in St. Albert, though, there was a library cache in the same building at the theater where we performed! Score!

UA The Cache Effect

The next day was the big event: 6 finds and 1 DNF in the above-mentioned ridiculous temperatures. Even Kokoscoot has never been out when it’s that cold, and it gets that way a couple times a year up there, but when you get TWO obsessed cachers together, the obstacles become the fun! I’ll let you read my logs for more details on the finds. The last two were about 450′ and 970′ respectively from parking down a path with ankle-deep snow. This is kind of a long way to run with numb toes. The sun came out while we were out there, and the sojourn back along the frozen river was through really lovely scenery.

CAR2006 – Downtown Edmonton
Where is Paul?
I AM… a micro
Think Outside the Box
One Last Goodbye! [Take 2] – DNF!
Happy Birthday To You……..2 Here’s where I saw the chickadee.
Harry Potter & the Hunt for the Cache- Hufflepuff

After we got back to the car, I had Kokoscoot take a photo of me at the trail head, but I must have had brain freeze, because I deleted it instead of saving it! (sigh)

This was an unforgettable experience, indeed, and one that I never would have even considered were I not an obsessed geocacher. Kokoscoot is spending a year in Namibia, Africa, where he goes often to conduct choirs, and I hope to visit him there for caching adventures of an entirely different kind.

My week was wrapped up with three newer local caches, one of which afforded a grand vista of the San Fernando Valley and our own snow-covered mountains to the north. These, however, I found without even putting a jacket on.

Warehouse Wonderland
Oh, Say can you see….too

Thanks to the genius of Codeslapper, one of my favorite hides is back up:

Ah, I fear that the coming week’s caching will be much more mundane… but who knows? There is an event planned by Westward Ho, and that will certainly not be mundane.

Happy caching until next week!

(The photos on this post were taken from various internet sites.)

Not such a typical geocaching week…

23 01 2008

I’m posting a day early, because I’m heading out of town on Wednesday to perform in Farmington, NM, and near Edmonton, AB, Canada! I won’t have time for more than a few caches, which is just as well, as it will be COLD and SNOWY!

This week, I headed north to perform in my hometown of Yreka, CA, with my a cappella group, Sixth Wave. It was quite an experience, as in the audience were my childhood teachers and friends of my parents whom I hadn’t seen since I was a kid!

I drove up and back with my sister, but we still stopped for a few along the way:
Community Cork Collection
Emitter – DNF! This one flummoxed me, darn it.
Chicken Pot Pie
Big Valley
Notta Ammo Dump
No Pallets Here
Lincoln Logs All Fell Down
Just on the Green
Dunnigan, Again
On (Slightly) Higher Ground
oOo Bubbles oOo
Relax in Williams
RFDCache Arg! I looked for this one TWICE, and even with a hint, I missed it…. Hey… just because I’ve found a lot doesn’t mean I’m really good at it…. LOL!
Ahhh! My Burger Urge Is Satisfied

That’s it for this week! Until next time, happy caching!

More or less a typical caching week…

17 01 2008

Welcome back to this, my second installment in this new adventure of The Blog. First, I’d like to show you my new pin, awarded for platinum earthcache masters: finding 20 in 5 states and hiding 3.

Platinum pin

Actually, I do enjoy earthcaches, as I always enjoy learning something new.

This week I got more caches in than last week. On Saturday, I went to Pasadena and Sierra Madre with 2 of my “usual suspects”: f0t0m0m and OLdweeb. We did a minimal amount of hiking and a couple dozen urbans. The highlight of the day was finding two caches that involved contacting a cacher in VA for alternate waypoints. Our partner there in Alexandria was Team Weathergirl.

Robots In Disguise!
Christmas Tree Lane
Birthday/Christmas/Memorial Cache
Balian House

Eaton Canyon “hiking”:
Kids’ Canyon Cache
Eaton Wood-A high Fiber Diet
Higher and Drier

Sierra Madre:
CURSED – The Bradys go to Hawaii
I Never “Promised” Max a Pansy Patch!
The Asylum
Winding Your Way Through It (or Not…)
Fred C. Dobbs Memorial Treasure Cache of S M
Easy Cache

-LUNCH- at a Mongolian BBQ place

With A Little Help From A Friend – in California to get the final for our VA cacher, Team Weathergirl
“Heckle & Jeckle”
With A Little Help From A Friend – in Virginia
MATTERSVILLE – inside a Goth shop!
Alice’s Rear End
Bicycles and Bunnies – DNF!
Across the Tops!
Sizzlin Hot – DNF!
Pasadena Gold
Greene Portals to the Past
Did I Hear You Say That There Must Be A Cache?
Bud Gardens

On Sunday, I went caching around Eagle Rock after singing a funeral in the area, and found five quick hide-a-keys while wearing a dress and heels!
Guarding the Canyon
Library Parking
Emerald Isle Park
Sports Park Overlook
Play Ball!

My week was capped off with a few in the San Fernando Valley today as I was running errands.
Dentale Sorge
Trou d’un coup
Mister Ed
nuTone – nuContainer

I also replaced a missing cache:
Doubly Dead
AND submitted a new Earthcache – a One Stop Geology Stop in Elsmere Canyon. (It’s awaiting approval.)

I think the piéce de resistance of my week, though, was hiding Le cache est mort! Vive le cache! How much should I give away? Let’s just say, it’s fitting memorial for the THREE caches I had there previously in a tree that’s no longer there!

One more tidbit: I found this while looking for other blogs and such on geocaching. It looks like a really nice collection of geophotos.
Flickr group for geocaching

Do you have a favorite blog or geocaching site? Please comment and let me know.
Until next week! Cache on!

Hello world!

10 01 2008

Welcome to my new blog! I’ll post each week about my recent adventures in geocaching. Please feel free to ask questions and/or make requests for topics, however, this is NOT a forum, so please comment accordingly.


I’m also in the process about writing an E-Book (available in PDF format) about my experieces thus far, so this blog will primarily focus on my contemporary experiences, at least to begin with.

OK, so what have I found since 1/1/08? Er… not a heck of a lot, surprisingly enough, although I am managing to hold my #3 spot with 14,547 finds. I’ve mostly been recovering from a long road trip through 6 states (and I’m talking BIG states!): NV, AZ, UT, ID, OR, and CA to visit relatives. Along the way, I found enough Earthcaches to qualify as a platinum master. Yee haw.

Yesterday, I took a hike up Rocky Peak with one of my usual suspects, OLdweeb, and found 5 caches total:

Gimme A Break
More Rocks & Hard Places
No Escorpion – but be careful anyway

We got some pretty good visibility, and it’s a great place to hike in the winter, as there is NO shade. The wind kicked up at the top, and I was actually really cold.

Today, it was time for cache maintenance, and I ended up archiving two caches, because they were one-of-a-kind:
Let’s Go to Palm Springs!
One Degree of Separation: Kujo
(sigh) It’s always sad to let one of your babies go…..

Until next week – cache on!