So Much to be Thankful For

22 11 2012

This is always a time of reflection for me, and to that end, I took a look at my previous Thanksgiving geocaching blogs. I love seeing how much fun I’ve had and how many wonderful friends I’ve made over the last 9 1/2 years. Take a moment to click on the links for the full stories. I’ve included a photo from each to inspire you to walk back through time with me.

14 Miles, now that’s a big number!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Giving Thanks

Thankful for our Veterans

A preview of blogs to come, as I continue with my summer road trip:

Thankful for our Veterans

24 11 2011

The day started off with a FlashMob at 11:11am on 11/11/11, and an illustrious group of local cachers gathered to briefly honor our amazing veterans and exchange some hugs and travel bugs.
11.11.11 – Flash Mob

After lunch, f0t0m0m and I headed to Rustic Canyon, for what we thought would be a moderate hike loop along a creek trail and back on a fire road. The trail down to the bottom of the canyon turned out to be a bigger adventure than we anticipated, with gnarly wooden stairs degenerating into eroded switchbacks blocked occasionally by fallen shrubbery. The creek trail was also sometimes easy, sometimes very overgrown, and sometimes missing. Even the fire road with it’s curves got us turned around and heading in the wrong direction for a quarter of a mile. Nevertheless, the 2.5 hour plan only turned into a 4 hour reality, and we were back at the car before dark.

Rich Route #1: BOB
This is the first of the eight cache series that enticed us to the area. We ended up finding only half of them, but found four additional ones along the way.

There are numerous abandoned buildings, mostly looking like old homesteads and ranches:

…but they had electricity down here at one point:

Bougainvillea decorates this mysterious ruin:

Pack100/Den33 We Be Scouts Now
This cache is at a location purported to be an old Nazi encampment, hidden away. Here’s a link to the story:
This gate may have been a party to hiding the goings on:

Another reason f0t0m0m and I wanted to head over here was for this cache:
Rustic Palm
Rustic Palm is GC734, placed 4/18/2001, over 10 years ago and over 2 years before I started caching! This tree is part of caching history.

We signed log book #3!

On the fire road back along the ridge above the canyon, it was clear enough to see Catalina Island. It’s in the distance on the right, The hill to the left is Palos Verdes.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I honor our founding fathers and the many, many Americans who have laid it ALL on the line for our liberty, which I cherish each day, especially when I’m out enjoying myself geocaching surrounded by the peace and abundance of the USA.

Giving Thanks

24 11 2010

Today I wrapped up my road trip to Nom nirvana (aka my parents’ house), starting with a quick easy micro:
"The Lighter Side Of Retail"



La Moine Pop N Squat


Yes, to…

… and wishing you all a wonderful Christmas season!

Happy Thanksgiving!

26 11 2009

I’m thankful for SO many things.

Geocaching with my family:

…. and they even put up with me crawling under muddy bridges….
Dam Troll

Long hikes with good friends:

Matilija Canyon Adventure

Finding a bonus cache! I qualified for this one about a year ago, and only learned of it last week:
I-5 Interstate Highway Challenge

Beauty all around:

Plenty for everyone to eat:

Happy Thanksgiving!