Supplemental: Monticello photos

22 05 2008


Geocaching in TWO Nations’ Capitols

22 05 2008

My singing career took me to both Ottawa, Canada AND Washington, D.C. last week! My first stop was the former where I had time for a handful of caches and photos:
Wave the Flag – webcam near the capitol buildings
Canal One – a quick find near the Performing Arts Center
Laurier Bridge Troll – this multi showed me the historic underpinnings of the city’s first bridge
R910.285 T5 – a classic library cache

Waving at their flag:

The capitol building’s impressive tower:

An eternal flame burns out front:

A very pink tree near the 2nd of the caches:

WWI Memorial, and the crowd of kids out front was there for MusicFest, as was I:

The library still has a card catalog along with its computers:

The cards inside were mostly HANDWRITTEN!

An old staircase:

A sign at odds with itself:

This was my breakfast menu; it’s a good thing I know what “oeufs” are!

My next stop was a whirlwind couple of shows in Morristown, NJ, then I landed in Charlottesville, VA for two more shows! I had time for several in and around Charlottesville and on the way to DC. Here’s the webcam shot from Charlottesville:

It was just a block away from the theater where we performed:

I also visited Monticello, where there are NO geocaches, not even a virtual! I took several nice photos of the grounds, and will post them in an addendum blog post after this. My last stop before DC brought me to a virtual at a cemetary in an unusual place – right in the middle of a shopping mall!
Shirley You Jest

I found about a dozen virtuals in Washington DC:
Do you feel stupid yet?
The Lone Sailor
Pointing Skyward
The Actor Really Did Break A Leg
Expanse of Freedom
General of the Armies
a Wood Chuck’s Paradise
Mile Zero
Look west old man
What’s the Connection?

I also got this cool shot of the Washington monument with its big red eyes:

I wrapped up my week with a hike in the Topanga area on Monday, finding two and hiding two, then did two urbans while running errands today.
Another Topanga State Park
TSP: Resting Rock
Bridged Again
Hooray For Hollywood

Next week…. Geowoodstock VI!!!

A Hike and a Flash Mob

12 05 2008

I took a lovely hike with f0t0m0m on Friday, in the hills near Whittier. We found these caches:
Rue Bourbon
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Heart Attack Hill Bypass
Shaken not Stirred
Dirt Track Date
Buddha’s Feast
WestwardHo’s Booty Cache find #15,700!
Godzilla vs Creosote
Hansel & Gretel This was my favorite of the day, as we had to follow a trail of small white stones to the gingerbread ammo can!
Pixie Stix
Marzipan Alligator Krewe
South Specific

Legless Muggle (NO rattles):

The Buddha greets us:

The weeds are THIS tall!

Purple thistle, golden sticky monkey flower, and – yikes! – a big bush of poison oak with berries:

On Saturday, I hosted one of 167 concurrent World Wide Flash Mob Events:
Worldwide Flash Mob with a view! (WWFM)
I’ll let the photos tell the tale…

The View:

The Mob:

There are many more photos on the event page.

My next report will be of Ottawa (Ontario), Charlottesville (VA), and Washington (DC).

Scattered Geocaching

8 05 2008

My week was occupied by other pressing matters, so this might be one of my lightest caching weeks since is started! I found 4, count ’em, 4.

#1 was a cache right outside my hotel window in Medford, OR, where I met my parents for a visit.


Here’s the cache site, as viewed from my room:

It’s right next to the fabulous Harry and David store, too.

I then went back to Yreka with my folks and time to find one that I’d missed before:
Phoenix 52

Of course, it was an AMMO CAN in a BUSH. Duh.
I got a couple of nifty photos on the way back, and enjoyed the short ride up the river with my dad.


Old Rock Wall

Mount Shasta

Upon my return, I had a performance out in Rancho Cucamonga, and found the cache conveniently located in the parking lot of their beautiful, new performing arts center:
Tour De Gardens
This was a tricky one, and nicely camo’d.

Finally, yesterday, I had time to pick up one kinda close to my house:
Just For You, OLdweeb
This was also a tricky one, but fun to finally grab it.

Until next week, happy caching!