Bull Creek Pathways

24 05 2012

I got back to nature this week by exploring a new set of pathways at Lake Balboa Park. The Bull Creek area now has a few scenic bridges and trails that wind through the weeds and wildflowers.

Bull Creek Project

I only found two of the four caches I attempted, but this will give me a reason to return and try again!
Lite-Brite by Ryu
Bull Creek – Oxbow View

I brought my brand new ink stamper:

I always like listening to birds, and the high volume of these guys was especially entertaining.

My stroll took me to this wonderful view of the lake:

… and I crossed several of these new bridges:

Each bridge afforded a new, lovely vista of our new urban oasis:

Lake Balboa Walkabout

12 01 2012

I’d been staring at this cache for a while, wondering how to access it:
Dragonfly in K9Sport's Kalifornia TB Hotel

The overhead maps are inconclusive, since there has been construction in the area, and things are different than they look. I could see that the cache is near the busway, but there are fences along that, and no way to walk down it. I finally decided to just go over there and walk around until I could find how to get it. I met up with Spoondoggie and Doc Sylvia (her first geocaching experience!),

… and we wandered down Balboa Boulevard from the park and ride. Sure enough, I spotted a dirt roadway I’d never noticed before, even though I’d driven and walked around the area dozens of times. We walked beside the L. A. River (cemented in) back by a sod farm and out to where the bus way curves south from Victory to Oxnard, and were led directly to the cache!

After conquering that, we headed back out and across the street to pick up a few stragglers in Balboa Park.
The Cee-ment Stream

Trolls? Ah… there’s a cache under there!
Greggy's 61st Birthday

Lake Balboa

A Swan!

Winter Trees, with Contrail

Bus in the Sunset

Hey, beauty is where you find it.

Scattered Adventures with Wifi and Rain

6 10 2011

I only had the opportunity for a couple of caches this week, as the day I had set aside for most of my caching ended up being rather rainy. I decided not to be deterred, and headed out anyway. I started with a list of five, but only found two before it got too wet to be fun.

Sunny Side Up
This one had an unusual feature:

Ducks, Fish, Cache
This was a standard hide, so it was quick to find. Lake Balboa looked very different today, dominated by an icy, grey. and spooky mistiness with muted colors rather than the bight blues, greens, and florals one usually sees here on a typical sunny California day.

This empty parking lot looked formidably muddy.

Earlier this week, I found this cache:
Los Angeles Wardriving – Multi
It involved using Wifi at the first waypoint to get the coordinates for the cache. I’d found its predecessor in Glendale, so I knew what to expect. It’s one of the more inventive ways to “hide” a waypoint.