Pleasant Pleasanton

28 06 2012

I had a fun time hanging out with Fisherwoman, of DavidT and Fisherwoman, in their home town of Pleasanton.

The three caches we attempted were all rather creative. Check out the cache page for this one for the unique instructions:
Show Don't Tell

I’m doing it wrong:

Fisherwoman to the rescue!

Orloff Park

Where the heck is it?

We didn’t see any bears, but we did ponder this question:
Does a Bear Eat in the Woods?

Ahhh… pleasant, indeed:

San Francisco Nirvana

21 06 2012

As I was driving up the freeway on the west side of the San Francisco peninsula this week, I couldn’t help but notice this wonderful combination of cuisines:

I came back today to indulge in both, then looked for the nearest easy and interesting cache. It turned out to be at a tribute to a heroic police officer. It’s also a fun idea for a cache series, placing them at presidentially named streets.
Presidents' Street Series #1 – George Washington

I then found my nature nirvana in nearby Glen Park.

This cache is right near the trail head, and I like the idea of the challenge.
The John Glenn Challenge Cache

It was a bit busy and noisy as I started on my short walk along the shady trail:

A little further along, and I was in peace and quiet:

There were hillsides full of wildflowers:

Even the center dividers of the roadways here are full of color:

California Road Trip

14 06 2012

I’m taking several trips back and forth to the Bay Area to perform an opera this month, and I should be able to get some caching in en route and up there. I did some serious caching around San Francisco a few years ago, but it’s a fresh new geoworld up there now.

Whenever I make a trip north, I love to stop off at Pyramid Lake, where there is a large display on the history of water in Southern California.
I never tire of this view:

This is a look at the dam to the south:

Just at the southern point of the San Joaquin Valley is a rather steep freeway incline called The Grapevine. I stopped at the three new caches on a frontage road near a large truck stop area.
Get Bent
Not sure
Truck Flipper

Looking north from the caches in to the San Joaquin Valley:

The hills are their summer golden color, which is what gave California its nickname:

The photos look peaceful, but the road is anything but!

I then headed for my stop for the evening, Madera, and grabbed a new one right off I-99 at one of the best restaurants in town, The Vineyard.
Cork In The Vine

The hedge in the background is actually a grapevine! There are hundreds of bunches hanging amongst the leaves.

El Pescador Beach

7 06 2012

I had company in from out of town, and they wanted to spend some time on a secluded beach with tide pools, so I took them out to El Pescador. It’s on the north end of Malibu, so it’s out of the way of most beach people and tourists.

We took Decker Canyon over the mountains, so we could find four caches on the way:
Pole Position
New Development
Reflect on This

View of the canyon

The mustard near the parking lot in full bloom:

The weather was warm and breezy.

My guests had the beach to themselves.

I spent about an hour there with them, observing the various forms of wildlife. The rocks are home to starfish, assorted clams, barnacles, and seaweed.

More starfish

This is a one of many large groups of baby sea anenomes clinging to the boulders.

Crabs in the crevices:

This is a classic ocean view.

These houses overlook said view.

Enjoy the waves!