Rice Canyon

26 05 2011

This week, I elected to explore a canyon that I’ve known about since I started geocaching. Some new geocaches popped up, and now I had some bread crumbs to follow.
East/Rice Junction

Right near the trail head is a horse ranch:

The old gates nearby would have some good stories to tell, I imagine, if they could:

Unfortunately, one of the caches has gotten completely blocked off by poison oak:

The spring vegetation has gotten quick thick, so I had to watch for stickers, and thistles as well.

Although it’s called sticky monkey, this flowering plant is just pretty, and poses no danger:

The trail has several creek crossings, adding to the adventure, and I look forward to a return visit to see what’s further out than I hiked this time.
Feather Rock
Rice Walnut

Beyond Frazier Park

19 05 2011

Every time I drive along I-5 through the Grapevine and pass by or stop in Lebec, I wonder about the road that heads out west from there. A few miles out is Frazier Park and Mt. Pinos, and I’ve gone that far, but this week, I headed up and out further. There’s a new cache run on the road that connects Frazier Park to Ojai, and I decided to check out the last dozen and generally spend the morning enjoying a part of California I hadn’t seen yet.

There’s not much out there other than pretty scenery, but I’ll be back for more of that both in my car and on the hiking trails yet for me to discover.
Express Cache – the cache at the freeway exit
Thelma & Louise's Quick Stop – on of several in a fun series in the area
The road to the right – This road heads north in to the San Joaquin Valley, but I took the other road this time.

Gate to ?


This dry creek bed leads to a cache:

Creek vs. Prius, one of several watery spots in the roads up here:

Some trails to explore in subsequent visits:

Mission Creek

12 05 2011

It’s so nice when the weather cooperates. My planned trip to take a hike out in Desert Hot Springs was all the better for the cool wind blowing from the west off the ocean. I’d been out here a couple of times before, but a handful of new caches and the lovely desert scenery enticed me back.

Here’s a link to more on the Mission Creek Preserve.

The caches were a nice variety of containers, most regular size for easy finds, and a few typically crazy creative ones by the Wheeler Dealers. I ended up with a 4 mile round trip on my trip odometer, mostly on a gently uphill graded dirt road, and with an annoyingly large number of foxtail stickers in my shoes and socks. ‘Tis the season…

The 1920 Resort Getaway

Al Capone's Treasure

What a Crock

Relic from the Dale

As you can see, it’s the perfect time to head out in to the desert. Not only is it still cool, the flowers are at their peak.

Marzipan’s 2nd Birthday Flashmob Event

5 05 2011

Marzipan's 2nd Birthday Flashmob!

I grabbed my morning cup of coffee yesterday and went out in to the driveway to celebrate the birthday of the kitty that I rescued from a geocache site two years ago! It was, indeed, an auspicious occasion, and a perfect excuse to gather for a quick event find.


Not really, but it is a peanut version of marzipan, since I don’t care for the almond flavor type.

Shirconn made one of her famous photoshows! It’s only a couple of minutes long, so be sure to check it out. She does a really good job with these.

Click here for the PHOTOSHOW.

She also made a special birthday card, and others brought treats!

Thanks to all who joined in the festivities.

Here’s the cat herself: