Joys of Geocaching

27 05 2010

A new book by business author Paul Gillin and his wife, Dana is out and it’s all about us! Here’s a great review and an excerpt:

The Joy of Geocaching

This is great how-to book that includes lots of anecdotes about caches and cachers! You can get it through my Stuff link above. Check it out!

I have many joys in geocaching, obviously, and one big one is sharing it with others. Not too many of my friends have joined in the obsession, but a few have, and one recently gained the coveted status of Kilo Klub! Congrats to Spoondoggie, one of my best buddies and business partners. He and his dad went on a beautiful hike along the Back Bone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains, and celebrated the milestone along the way.

I spent the week picking up quick caches to keep up my streak:
5/20 Silver Crane
5/21 Eco-cache
5/22 Play Ball!!
5/23 Laugh & Cry
5/24 Tower of Power
5/25 Leave A Trail
5/26 Welcome to Wilacre Park

Most were in the urban areas, but one was out on a short hike along dirt Mulholland, and it was my mini-vacation for the week. Enjoy!

A Week of Variety

20 05 2010

Obviously, there are many things I love about geocaching, and one of them is the variety of places, hides, and activities involved. This week, I only found a requisite handful of caches continuing my 100-day streak, but each came with its own uniqueness.

5/15 WWFMVII – West Hills – Not FAA Approved

The week started off with a bang: a World Wide Flash Mob Event. Geocachers from all over the world held these simultaneously, each with a different theme, but significant in that all of us were gathering somewhere all at the same time to celebrate geocaching.

We all made paper airplanes and ate fresh baked muffins!

We each launched our impromptu craft to see who could fly theirs the furthest, and Steve of the Ventura Kids won. Here he is tossing the winning piece of folded paper:


These three were along a short hike in Ahmanson Ranch, just west of the San Fernando Valley. The verdant greens of spring have faded to the summer golds.

Wildflowers still lend vivid splashes of color:

Mega Tower Trading Post

The cache is right next to a big, empty lot in the middle of The Valley. One of these buildings used to be one of the first radio stations.

The Divining Rod
My intended cache was at this scenic area with long walking paths adjacent to Lake Balboa Park.

Unfortunately, it was missing, so I ended up at a light pole cache a couple of miles away.

Yesterday, I only had time for another quick one:
I incorporated it into my list of errands.

I’m enjoying the relaxed pace of finding caches, which is unexpected. I thought I’d be chomping at the bit to get out for big caching days, but the minimalist approach is inspiring me to slow down and enjoy the bit of a respite each day. It’s feeling more like a discipline than an obsession, which is good for the time being.

I can always return to the mega caching habit, and probably will… in due time.

Tujunga Wash Adventure

14 05 2010

Among the daily cache-a-day caching this week, I went on an extended hike through the Tujunga Wash. I’d found all but one of them on our list, so that was the target cache. It was, of course, the furthest one out from the parking lot, so I packed the snacks and water bottle. The weather was ideal: warm, but with an occasional cool breeze. Everything is in bloom now, from the cactus:

to the yuccas, which are gargantuan this year, probably because of the wet winter:

Here is the posse du jour, individually known as OLdweeb, tozainamboku, RCKen, Pianofab, reinshadow, and Albackore, collectively known for this hike as The Sabato Cachistas!

After finding a few caches and hiding one, we were faced with crossing the big creek that currently runs through the wash:

I just gave up and waded through, but Pianofab found a more creative way:

We finally got to my target cache and spent several minutes searching. Unfortunately, it was to no avail. It was nowhere to be found! I ended up finding another cache just off the road on the way back after the hike. Sometimes the caching IS all about the adventure! Ha!

There are more great photos and angles on the day’s story on Pianofab’s blog AND on OLdweeb’s blog (Dweeb’s Diatribe), including a shot of me in the water. Oooo clicky clicky over and check ’em out…..

Meanwhile, here’s my latest list of daily caches. I’m now somewhere in the mid 50s – about half way through the 100 cache streak! It doesn’t feel like work yet. I’m still liking the regimen of heading out each day. It’s kinda like having to go outside for recess.

5/7 Bikencache 80: The Box
5/8 Keeping it country T.B. Hotel
5/9 Mulholland Overlook
5/10 8/8/8
5/11 Dad’s Ammo Can & Pathtag Hotel This one is right outside the Church of the Chimes, where I was a soloist for several years. The church secretary has a great view of the search area, so of course, she and the pastor caught me hunting!
5/12 That Black Gooey Smelly Stuff
5/13 Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut… Brilliant bit of camo for this one…
5/14 The Grand Keychain and TB Hotel

Poppies and Kittens

6 05 2010

I got daring today and actually found TWO caches not far from my house. The second afforded a nice view into the neighboring Simi Valley:

I’ve basically just been caching to keep up on my streak.
4/24 Xtra Credit
4/25 Boogie Nights – Dirk Butt Kicking</a
Thanks A Lotte
4/27 Boys Only, No Girls Allowed!
This was one of four caches! Almost like normal, as I had to all of them in the park…..
4/28 Nefarious Nano
4/29 WLACC, Treasures of Scouting, Action! Boy Scouts 1 I drove out to the historic William S. Hart park in Newhall since I had time to go a little further afield. I left a few for another day.
4/30 The Cacheified
5/1 Walls to nowhere
The highlight of my week was a visit to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve! The flowers were really spectacular this year. I met my sister out there – she’d never been to the Reserve before.

5/2 10 Years! Los Angeles, CA What a great event, and I got a new icon to boot! The views from Elysian Park were expansive, and I got to see lots of local cachers, some of which I hadn’t seen in a long time! I wonder what the next 10 years of geocaching will bring? Be sure to click the link to this cache page to see the photo of ALL of us and more.
5/3 American Beauty – Mr Smiley
5/4 Marzipan’s 1st Birthday Flashmob! Marzipan, who I found at a geocache when she was 4 days old, is now a gorgeous full-grown cat. I haven’t found any more in the wild, thank goodness, but I am fostering a litter of rescued kittens. They all need good homes – anyone interested? The birthday event was really fun, and the cat got several nice gifts from those who came to pay homage.
5/5 Happy
5/6 Backdoor to Corriganville

I’m enjoying the pace of the cache or so a day, actually. I’m considering going longer than 100 days. Does anyone know what the streak record is?

GeoCraig and OLdweeb have posted some good reports lately – check out their blogs if you have a minute!

Meanwhile, my thought of the week: no matter what goes on in the world, there will always be poppies and kittens to enjoy!