3 Doubles, 1 Single… and an Error

25 08 2011

I just had time this week for a little inside baseball as I was running errands. I noticed that there were a few twofers in the neighborhood: a geocache and a munzee at the same location. I nabbed three of those, then a solitary geocache. I wrapped up with what I thought was another munzee, but my iPhone did not capture it, so I’ll have to go back for that one.

Celestial Serinity (sic)

It’s hidden near a little garden where I’d hidden various caches myself a few years ago:

Nano-like Hide
Of course, I drive by this fire station often, but never noticed the training tower in the back:

Top Secret
This solar array is in an otherwise vacant lot on a hill by the CSUN campus, and goes unnoticed unless you happen to climb up there for some… odd reason…

From up there, I also had a nice view of the mountains to the north:

Hedge City
As intimidating as this looks, I found the cache hidden here very quickly!


Malibu Cruisin’

18 08 2011

It was an ideal day for cruising through Malibu. I knew it would be hot in the San Fernando Valley, and I wasn’t disappointed in the cool contrast of the coast. As a matter of fact, it was more than cool. It was foggy.

F0t0m0m and I started the day with one of my favorite views. This is overlooking the San Fernando Valley from the top of Topanga:
Topanga Overlook II

This was the view in Malibu:
Steps with a view

One of the caches was out in this remarkably large area of undeveloped land:
Jessie and Ryan's Home Cache – NEW 2/20/11

I find it magical to watch the fog rolling in:

… and watching and listening to the waves is marvelously relaxing:

Big Bear Escape

11 08 2011

The annual Big Bear Cache Bash drew me up in to the mountains for a weekend escape.

I got up there barely in time to see some folks at the event, then headed for a scenic bed and breakfast to relax.

Breakfast was served on the veranda:

After the homemade, healthy repast, I heading out for a quick find in the nearby hills. The sky was the deep blue that you can only see at higher elevations:

Italian Stallion II

I then found a handful around town:
Hangin Aound the Gazebo
Jones Loves finding Reward in Mindyana's bush
TGC's BB Cache #1

A couple of caches each had a Munzee in the vicinity, so I ended up snagging a bunch of those new-fangled things, too. The hider chose an easy-to-see sticker style!

These are fun, but it doesn’t trump the creativity of geocaching. Here’s a prime example of a delightful container!

Back to Basics

5 08 2011

Southern California weather.
Good friends.

These are a few of my favorite things.

The San Fernando Valley Gang assembled at the trail head:

The inversion layer kept us cool and turns the hills into islands from this angle:

Would you believe … 9-3/4?

We could see rain in the distance in several directions:

The sun participated from time to time:

The log signing ceremony:


The trail, over hill and dale:

It's A Climb Either Way

OLdweeb created a great blog post on our hike, with more photos and details, including some of the startling wildlife we encountered.
OLdweeb’s blog post
Do check it out, unless certain creatures give you the heebie-jeebies!