4 10 2012

In order to get from Kentucky to Missouri, I found myself driving for a lot of the time through Indiana. I spent the night in the Louisville area, but not really in Kentucky. The best hotel deal ended up being just across the river in New Albany, Indiana.

I like how each state greets its visitors.

One associates Lincoln with Illinois, but he spent much of his childhood in Indiana. I didn’t get to the National Park in his home town, but read some signage about him at the welcome center.

Of course, I looked for easy ones to find at rest stops. It’s not fun to DNF, especially when you’re way out of town!
I-64 Rest Area
The path to the cache:

… and the view from the cache, such as it was. Being out in the flat, flat mid-West confirmed my identity as a mountain girl.

This rest area boasted a natural sink hole. It was curious, but not all that impressive.
Hoosier CaCO 3 Sinkhole

This classic McDonalds was an impressive bit of American history, though.

It’s just hilly enough to get expansive views of the farms and farmland.

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San Juan Farm Supplement

30 10 2008

OK, per request, here are three more photos of the farm and my visit there!


Those in the background would be future dinners… mmmm… lammmb…

Ferry + Tunnels + Apes + HQ = Seattle! (part 2)

30 10 2008

Another reason I went to Seattle was to reconnect with my eldest cousin. We couldn’t remember the last time we’d seen each other, but it had probably been 30 or 40 years! He looks like both his mom and his dad, and it somehow being with him felt like being with them, too. He and his wife live on a farm out on San Juan Island, where they raise kiwis, apples, asian pears, filberts, lambs and gourmet grass to feed them. I got a long tour of their whole operation and of the island, which has a curious history involving a dispute between the American army and the English army over a pig. The resolution of that dispute led to the border we have with Canada today.

I found one cache on the island with my cousin. It’s right near where I disembarked the ferry:
Ferry Godmother – Annie’s Corsets

I also picked up two near the ferry dock at the other end:
Ship Harbor Earthcache

Ferry Godmother – Saturday Cove

The ferry rides were great fun and superbly scenic.

I just couldn’t resist getting this shot:

The music of the waves on the pebbles is something I don’t hear in Southern California, which only has sandy beaches:

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Until next week…. cache on!