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10 01 2008

Welcome to my new blog! I’ll post each week about my recent adventures in geocaching. Please feel free to ask questions and/or make requests for topics, however, this is NOT a forum, so please comment accordingly.


I’m also in the process about writing an E-Book (available in PDF format) about my experieces thus far, so this blog will primarily focus on my contemporary experiences, at least to begin with.

OK, so what have I found since 1/1/08? Er… not a heck of a lot, surprisingly enough, although I am managing to hold my #3 spot with 14,547 finds. I’ve mostly been recovering from a long road trip through 6 states (and I’m talking BIG states!): NV, AZ, UT, ID, OR, and CA to visit relatives. Along the way, I found enough Earthcaches to qualify as a platinum master. Yee haw.

Yesterday, I took a hike up Rocky Peak with one of my usual suspects, OLdweeb, and found 5 caches total:

Gimme A Break
More Rocks & Hard Places
No Escorpion – but be careful anyway

We got some pretty good visibility, and it’s a great place to hike in the winter, as there is NO shade. The wind kicked up at the top, and I was actually really cold.

Today, it was time for cache maintenance, and I ended up archiving two caches, because they were one-of-a-kind:
Let’s Go to Palm Springs!
One Degree of Separation: Kujo
(sigh) It’s always sad to let one of your babies go…..

Until next week – cache on!




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10 01 2008
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