Tennessee and the Turnaround Point

27 09 2012

I’d already found caches in Tennessee, so my finds as I drove through were bonuses.

I stopped just across the border for a two-fer at a rest area. This portion of I-40 is called the Musical Highway, and each rest area was dedicated to a couple of country-western stars.
Centerville Stop I-40E
FIND a cache on 2-29-2012

I found an entrance to the historic Natchez Trace, a historical path and roadway that runs 444 miles from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee, and it links the Cumberland, Tennessee, and Mississippi rivers.
NTSP TravelBug Campground

The cache there was one of my favorite kinds: easy!

I drove by Graceland as I meandered through Memphis on my way to Mississippi, but there was no place to park to get a photo. I did see this, though:

I stopped at the famous Loveless Cafe for lunch, and the food was really good! I brought some of the preserves and biscuit mix home.

I got as far east as Lexington, KY, where I had a day full of business meetings and only time for one cache:
Graven Images

I got my oil changed before heading back west, and managed to avoid their unusual surcharges:


20 09 2012

I still like spelling this state’s name out loud. It has a musical rhythm.

It was a quick detour around Memphis to get to my 3rd new state of the trip. I only had a chance to get one cache, but that’s all it takes, and this turned out to be a remarkable experience. The cache was at the entrance of a cemetery full of Civil War heroes and their contemporaries.

DeSoto Trail #6 – Southaven

The headstones, though very old, were mostly in very good repair.

Many were still decorated by their descendants.

So many of them were obelisks like this one, and each side has a fair amount of information on it about the deceased, like this one…

… and this one –

The caretaker greeted me as I found the cache. He loved the idea that geocachers were coming to find it and learn more about the history there. He showed me all around the place and regaled me with detail after detail of several of the current residents.

It’s not every day that someone excitedly shows you his future spot in history. I hope he lives to tell these stories for a long, long time before finally settling in!

Arkansas, State 2 of 7

13 09 2012

My halfway point from Dallas to Lexington was Forrest City, Arkansas.

The first cache I found was an easy peasy big one at the edge of a rural property.
Kooky's Travel Bug Bar and Grill

Here’s the view from the cache:

There was evidence of this year’s drought all along the way:

This would be where the locals go to kick up their heels:

Another cache took me to this unusual overlook of a new bridge from an old bridge:
Ouachita Overlook

This is the view from the new bridge. The river was wide and smooth, and it looked like the fisherman were having a good time.

A Dip in to the Bayou State

6 09 2012

I took enough of a detour between Texas and Kentucky to grab caches in Louisiana, one of the seven new states I targeted to check off.

Bienvenue en Louisiane

The first cache I found was at this lovely rest area.

Trucks And Travelers Galore #2
I did not see any real gators, but I was curious about signs pointing to this place:

I didn’t take the time to go in, as it was a hot, sticky day, and I had many, many miles to cover.

I did see these possibly dangerous specimens.

We have plenty of dirt in California, but they seem to need more of it here.