Big Number, Big Birds

5 08 2010

The Ventura Kids found their 23,000th cache last weekend at this cache – 126 on 126:#111: View of the highway, and I was there to document the momentous occasion:

15 seconds later:

There’s never a dull moment when caching with these guys. Why is f0t0m0m laughing? Did Sandy just drop the cache down the pole? OOOPSie….

Yes, we replaced it, of course! As a fellow klutz, I like the design of this cache, as it can’t fall down in a pole:

Just today, I had a great time driving around the area surrounding the scenic highway 126. f0t0m0m and I got all the way to the Sespe Condor Sanctuary.
Dough Flat Redux

These birds are BIG:

I was hoping to show you a real one, but all we saw was scenery. Oh, darn. Enjoy!

Lake Piru

The Beauty and Mystery of Geocaching

13 03 2010

One of the most compelling things about geocaching for me is just getting out into the scenery. I got to get out in to some different scenery this week, too, traveling about 30 miles north of Pleasanton, CA, to Brentwood, Antioch, Kingston, and Bethel Island with local cachers, David T, Fisherwoman, and DuckyLee. Here’s just a pictorial taste of the area:

On a clear day, you can see forever!

Farmer Brentwood

Magic Carpet (Princess #2)

Downtown Brentwood

Oakley Heritage Tree


Welcome to the Delta

Mariner Cove

We didn’t find this one, even with a lifeline!
Legion of Honor

Later in the week, I hiked with f0t0m0m through Ahmanson Ranch, which encompasses a large valley just west of where I live. It’s a lush spring in Southern California after the wet winter we’ve had.

Another Ahmanson Bush

Lightning got this tree!
Hanging Out on the Trail

Finally, does anyone know what this critter is? I’ve never seen anything like it before! He popped up out of a hole and observed us.

That’s the mystery of the week.

Out and About with OLdweeb

17 12 2009

First, I have some cool news: GeoCraig and I are featured in an article in this month’s issue of 805 Living, which can be found at most major supermarkets in Southern California, including Gelson’s, Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons, and Pavilions, as well as Blockbuster Video and at many high-end retail locations throughout Western Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara. 805 Living is also available through subscription. I should be able to get permission to reprint the article here soon!

OK, so I went out for a short day of caching with Ken, aka OLdweeb (On Line Dweeb). He refers to himself as the low energy cacher from outer space, akin to Quisp cereal. We basically cleaned up about 20 around the San Fernando Valley that one or the other or both of us needed. The centerpiece of the list was one honoring Bwidget’s 5000th find!
The Widger 5000

It was a glorious day, as days are here right after it rains:

Of course, Ken did his standard “my GPS is a cel phone” trick while I signed the log, if any muggle was visible within 500 feet:

See his blog for his various entertaining rants, but Ken confessed to be rantless that day. Hm. A rantless OLdweeb. I’ll bet that if he reads this post here on the WordPress website, he’ll have something to rant about. Hee hee…

C’mon, Ken… dare ya to click over!


… or better yet, maybe he’ll tell us of when – back when he was kid – he saw a baby chimp running loose on the streets of Sylmar…