Big Bear Escape

11 08 2011

The annual Big Bear Cache Bash drew me up in to the mountains for a weekend escape.

I got up there barely in time to see some folks at the event, then headed for a scenic bed and breakfast to relax.

Breakfast was served on the veranda:

After the homemade, healthy repast, I heading out for a quick find in the nearby hills. The sky was the deep blue that you can only see at higher elevations:

Italian Stallion II

I then found a handful around town:
Hangin Aound the Gazebo
Jones Loves finding Reward in Mindyana's bush
TGC's BB Cache #1

A couple of caches each had a Munzee in the vicinity, so I ended up snagging a bunch of those new-fangled things, too. The hider chose an easy-to-see sticker style!

These are fun, but it doesn’t trump the creativity of geocaching. Here’s a prime example of a delightful container!

Big Bear Escape

26 08 2010

She took a deep breath, slowly exhaling, and willing the tension out of her back and shoulders. The hot mug of coffee felt comforting in her hands. She took a careful sip, and relished it’s smoky aftertaste. A siren broke the silence, so she said a quick prayer for the intrepid group that was racing off somewhere to the rescue. It was odd to hear that sound in this quiet, small town. In a few seconds, the normal peaceful sounds of birds and wind in the pines were once more the dominant music of the morning. This weekend would be over all too soon, but she knew that the rejuvenation and inspiration would last for weeks. She took another sip of coffee and opened the book she was reading.

On Glory Ridge Road


– photo by FishPOET

The Tired Man’s Geocache

"Whole Lotta Trouble"

A Little Adventure in Big Bear

2 04 2009

Big Bear Lake is nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains above and to the south of San Bernardino. It’s one of several lakes in the region, including Lake Arrowhead and Lake Gregory, and each affords it own unique mountain splendor and scenery. It’s an obviously favorite getaway for city dwellers, yet during the week and in the off season, the roads are empty and the B&Bs run specials to fill their vacancies. I took advantage of one at my favorite B&B, and got in a couple days of cruising and caching in the fresh, clear air.


It takes about two and a half hours to get there from my house in Northridge. It is easily possible to go skiing up there in the morning and head down to Malibu for surfing in the afternoon, if one is so inclined. I’m not that ambitious nor athletic, and I’m recovering from a lingering sinus infection, so I stuck to driving and light walking this time.

My first official stop was for the cache here. I had chains with me, but didn’t need them after all.
Caching 4 the Numbers #9

This is the last of the snow in the parking lot at the B&B:

I highly recommend the Alpenhorn B&B:

Breakfast includes their signature creamy oatmeal brûlée, and you are greeted with a hand-drawn doily on your pillow:

Each room has a cozy gas fireplace:

Here’s Boulder Bay, part of Big Bear Lake:

and Lake Arrowhead, from the eastern end:

Flowers are just beginning to come out:

There is a cache down in that parking lot:

The view from the top was typically hazy as I turned my car back toward home:

I was astonished by this sign. I didn’t see any of the traps, though, nor any intended inhabitants!

Here are the rest of the caches I found over the two days. These were on the way up Highway 38:
Don’t Kil-Kare about the Creek
Not a Tuba Garfields anymore
Hwy 38 1994
Pooh’s ThOtfuL SpoT

In the town of Big Bear:
1442 in Big Bear
Boulder Bay

Around Lake Arrowhead:
Ye Old Village Cache
Overlooking Papoose
Lights on the Water/L. Arrowhead

… and these were on the way down Highway 330:
I Can See My House From Here
Call Box Protector
Guarding Another Turnout
Creek Bed Turnout Cache
Belly Ache

It was a pretty uneventful for an “adventure”, but sometimes those are the best. I enjoyed the opportunity to relax and breathe…. until next week…. AAaaahhh….