Not such a typical geocaching week…

23 01 2008

I’m posting a day early, because I’m heading out of town on Wednesday to perform in Farmington, NM, and near Edmonton, AB, Canada! I won’t have time for more than a few caches, which is just as well, as it will be COLD and SNOWY!

This week, I headed north to perform in my hometown of Yreka, CA, with my a cappella group, Sixth Wave. It was quite an experience, as in the audience were my childhood teachers and friends of my parents whom I hadn’t seen since I was a kid!

I drove up and back with my sister, but we still stopped for a few along the way:
Community Cork Collection
Emitter – DNF! This one flummoxed me, darn it.
Chicken Pot Pie
Big Valley
Notta Ammo Dump
No Pallets Here
Lincoln Logs All Fell Down
Just on the Green
Dunnigan, Again
On (Slightly) Higher Ground
oOo Bubbles oOo
Relax in Williams
RFDCache Arg! I looked for this one TWICE, and even with a hint, I missed it…. Hey… just because I’ve found a lot doesn’t mean I’m really good at it…. LOL!
Ahhh! My Burger Urge Is Satisfied

That’s it for this week! Until next time, happy caching!




One response

23 01 2008

Have a good trip Elin. Hope you have time for a cache in NM. I just got my NM caches last weekend. Regulars, Virtuals, and Earthcaches. Chat with you when you return.

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