Ahamanson Stroll

31 05 2012

It’s starting to get a little too warm for long hikes now, unless I get myself out of bed really early. Feeling lazy this week, I opted for a short mid-morning stroll to pick up a couple of caches that are in between two main trails, and tend to get skipped for that reason.

I headed for the Victory Boulevard entrance to the Ahmanson Ranch area, and parked near my first cache, conveniently located at the gate.
These Boots Were Made For Walkin'

It’s a popular place for hikers, joggers, and dog walkers.

I headed north toward Coyote Peak. The trail heads down hill past these two giant water tanks:

… and into the next valley, El Escorpion Park.

These sticky monkey flowers decorate the hillside in golden profusion.

The now dry weeds are studded with violet.

Of course, I stopped to listen to the music all around me.

Bull Creek Pathways

24 05 2012

I got back to nature this week by exploring a new set of pathways at Lake Balboa Park. The Bull Creek area now has a few scenic bridges and trails that wind through the weeds and wildflowers.

Bull Creek Project

I only found two of the four caches I attempted, but this will give me a reason to return and try again!
Lite-Brite by Ryu
Bull Creek – Oxbow View

I brought my brand new ink stamper:

I always like listening to birds, and the high volume of these guys was especially entertaining.

My stroll took me to this wonderful view of the lake:

… and I crossed several of these new bridges:

Each bridge afforded a new, lovely vista of our new urban oasis:

An Eventful Week

17 05 2012

I hosted a birthday party flashmob for Marzipan once again in my driveway on her birthday, May 4.
Marzipan's 3rd Birthday Flashmob!

I had treats for the people:

… and the people had treats for Marzipan!

For those who may not have read about her before, Marzipan is the kitty I found at a geocache when she was only 4 days old! Here’s a link to the story and photos of her at that time:
Finding the Kitten, Marzipan

I got to see more of the local crowd at the next event of the week, the monthly Meet & Greet of the San Fernando Valley geocachers.

SFV Geocachers Meet & Greet #28

I took the opportunity to pass along the So Cal Geocachers Trophy travel bug that had been languishing in my kitchen for a couple of years. This was awarded semiannually at large local events, but those petered out. Now that we have the monthly gathering, though, it seemed fitting to get this award back in circulation.

SCG Trophy

The previous recipients all have a vote on who gets the trophy next, so I contacted everyone to propose my nominee: Albackore. He has been one of the newer leaders, hosting events, going on mega caching runs, and hiding lots of creative caches. I was delighted we could honor his contributions!

Albackore and a precious recipient, Shirconn:

The raffle is about to begin!

Coldwater and Mulholland Trail

10 05 2012

I went a bit out of my way to check out a recommended cache –
It turned out to be a nice puzzle along a lovely path near the busy intersection of Coldwater and Mulholland.

Another cache nearby was at a small outdoor amphitheater.
Mark Taper Amphitheatre

After finding these two, I continued on the trail to enjoy the weather and the views.

Looking into Burbank and North Hollywood:

Mulholland Mist

3 05 2012

I took a stroll on a side trail off of dirt Mulholland, and enjoyed the misty views of the surrounding valleys.
Chips, But No Salsa
The One Legged Hill King

I started at the south end of Vanalden:

Quite a few birds and one loud cricket serenaded me along the way:

The San Fernando Valley was shrouded in its seasonal overcast layer:

The mustard was already getting over head high:

The hills of the Topanga Canyon area were clear and spring green:

Ahh… such a lovely morning.

As a footnote, it seems to be EMC of Northridge publicity month. I did a brief interview for AAA’s VIA magazine, and the results appeared in the May/June issue!