Virtuoso Geocaching

13 12 2012

About the same time that I started this blog, I also decided to write a book about my geocaching experiences. I finally got it done, edited, and published on Kindle today!

Virtuoso Geocaching: Finding the Unexpected


I’ll be adding photos here on my blog for each chapter, but in the meantime, enjoy reading all about the WHY of geocaching.

This book should entertain geocachers, and be perfect to hand to your muggle friends for them to get a sense of what our obsession is all about.

Please do leave a review on Amazon for me.

Bonus! Here’s my interview on local Fox 11 KTLA earlier this year:

So Much to be Thankful For

22 11 2012

This is always a time of reflection for me, and to that end, I took a look at my previous Thanksgiving geocaching blogs. I love seeing how much fun I’ve had and how many wonderful friends I’ve made over the last 9 1/2 years. Take a moment to click on the links for the full stories. I’ve included a photo from each to inspire you to walk back through time with me.

14 Miles, now that’s a big number!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Giving Thanks

Thankful for our Veterans

A preview of blogs to come, as I continue with my summer road trip:

The Jasmer Challenge

15 11 2012

The Jasmer Challenge (Northern California Edition)
This is one of the most difficult challenges to complete because of the rarity of the earlier caches, therefore, I was relieved to see that I could pick up my three remaining qualifying finds on my road trip this summer. The penultimate cache was Mingo, the oldest existing geocache, and the final one was placed later that summer in one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever been.

I drove from Colorado Springs to Durango, and took a long detour to the Spanish Peaks. Several miles up a graded dirt road, I got to the trailhead and parked my Prius at 11,200 feet.

The cache is only about a half mile from parking, and the trail is mostly flat, so I knew I could accomplish the hike, even with no acclimation to the elevation.

I signed in at the trail head and struck out through the tall trees.

It was not just the scenery taking my breath away.

My goal was not to ascend the peak, but it was always in view.

The colors of some of the flowers were vibrant blue…

… and purple…

I’m glad it was a cloudy day, as the temperature was perfectly cool.

The cache was surrounded by ducs, but I’m not sure if they all were put there by geocachers.

THIS is the view from the cache.

A photo is clearly not sufficient.

I spent about a half hour up there, enjoying some salami and cheese and the surrounding spectacularness.

Malibu Views

1 11 2012

Believe it or not, I’m STILL not done posting all of the stories and photos from my summer road trip, but I wanted to take a break and just let my subscribers relax with some the beauty of Corral Canyon. Not much to say about these, but I hope they serve to soothe what may be a stressful week for many of us for a variety of reasons.

Cache list:
Corral Canyon creek and trailhead
Hutch Canyon Trail Cache
Thornhill Broome
Surrounded Foo
Foo's Ocean View
Cage Canyon Trail Cache
180 Degrees
Squeezed In – or Not?
Foo up around the first bend
Coop Canyon Trail cache
Puerco Pig Pole: GSM H-a-D #76
Dante's Inferno: Level 9
Malibu Canyon park-n-grab





White Flowers

Pretty crimson…. uh… poison oak!


Old Fireplace with bougainvillea





Peace and quiet….

Arizona Scenery

26 07 2012

I’m taking a 2 1/2 week road trip, and it’s the first long vacation I’ve taken since I found Marzipan! For the first leg of my journey, I even have my sister along, which is a treat. I have a selection of geocaches for each day, many of them strategically planned to finish off a few challenges, such as the Jasmer.

Welcome to Arizona I-40
NOT the Pet Area!

The cache here was missing, but the view was incredible.
Pirate Gate

Here’s the Colorado River, in front of some really dramatic mountains.

A quick detour through Ash Fork showed us a snapshot of history, both in the monuments and in the abandoned buildings along the former Route 66 through town. I love the design of this Historical Marker.
Ash Fork

Here’s where the local heroes hang out.

More glorious Arizona to come….

Some Retrospective, and a Dark Adventure

14 07 2012

I’m in a retrospective mood this week, so I took a look back through my blogs from previous Julys.

Four years ago, I was preparing for my ultimately successful climb to the summit of Mt. Shasta. That still remains as the biggest, hardest physical challenge of my life.
Black Butte hike, a trainer for the big one

Three years ago, I had rescued Marzipan, who makes an ignominious appearance in this blog post.
Marzipan is 3 months old in the video here.

Two years ago, I did a feature on some of my favorite geocaching tools, and a photo of Marzipan, of course, sneaks in.
What to get for your geocacher for Christmas…

Last year, I was dreaming about geocaching on other planets, way before I knew about the space launch I helped support this summer.
Are there Martian geocachers?

This year, I’m recovering from multiple trips back and forth to the Bay Area to perform a huge opera role, and I’m planning a 2-week road trip across the U.S. for some real estate business AND to grab some significant caches to complete some challenges.

I didn’t get any photos, but I did have a great time on a night cache with a group of Bay Area cachers recently: The Night Has Eyes (Night Cache)
The 2-mile round trip hike took us through a scenic park through tall trees with some views of the valleys around us. Rocket Girl got a couple of dark and dusky shots, though – log page

San Francisco Nirvana

21 06 2012

As I was driving up the freeway on the west side of the San Francisco peninsula this week, I couldn’t help but notice this wonderful combination of cuisines:

I came back today to indulge in both, then looked for the nearest easy and interesting cache. It turned out to be at a tribute to a heroic police officer. It’s also a fun idea for a cache series, placing them at presidentially named streets.
Presidents' Street Series #1 – George Washington

I then found my nature nirvana in nearby Glen Park.

This cache is right near the trail head, and I like the idea of the challenge.
The John Glenn Challenge Cache

It was a bit busy and noisy as I started on my short walk along the shady trail:

A little further along, and I was in peace and quiet:

There were hillsides full of wildflowers:

Even the center dividers of the roadways here are full of color: