Dos Vientos

22 09 2011

This week’s adventure in to nature was a short hike in the Dos Vientos area of Newbury Park, followed by a choice selection of really high class camo jobs. One was an infuriatingly perfect reproduction of a sprinkler system, one was a beautifully crafted Cryptex (I’ll let you search for that one – you will be intrigued!), and one was an appropriately themed can in a local gym!

Danny's Cache
Beyond Doc
Gimme an L…!
Popeye's Secret
The leash police dismisseth us
Future Park Site
The Calculus Crusher!
Not Another LPC!
The Reserve
Amazing Too – Classic Agoura Charger sneakiness!
Future Park Site
Cheep Hide
A Little South Of Insanity
Elliot Meow Meow

The trail featured some rather obvious (I thought) directional signage:

… some unusual drainage area features:

…. the ubiquitous giant fennel:

… and a lovely view of my car from the top of the hill:

Oh, yes – and a dream house!

Wow. That’s near where I paused to get our relaxation video of the week:

I didn’t get photos of the ingenious hides above, but both f0t0m0m and I were stunned to pull in to a parking lot to see this one, just as you see it here:

Amazingly, it’s been there since May. Go figure.

We capped off the day with an event, our regular monthly local gathering, and it was great, as usual, to catch up with the good friends I’ve made from geocaching!
SFV Geocachers Meet & Greet #20

Geocaching around Los Angeles

27 07 2008

I love the diversity that comes with geocaching, from clever urban hides to looks at landmarks to hikes with views, and I can get all of these all around where I live!

Team Dakiba placed a cache near and with a view of Capitol Records, where I’ve had the honor of doing recording projects:
Rock Capitol

Dooley, a professional comedian by the way, put one out requesting cat and dog jokes:
It’s Reigning Cats and Dogs

OLdweeb did a nice hide at a civic center where I go square dancing. The fitting title and the instructions tell you to bring a nut on a string to retrieve it. (I guess my string had a nut on both ends!)
Vanalden Park Piscator

Finally, Capdude put a couple more up in the Castle Peak area, so I hiked up to the one with the view, finding one I’d DNFd before along the way:
The Easy Way
Lavender Fields (Sage Actually)

It was a hazy day, but I always love a bird’s eye view of the San Fernando Valley!
Cache on!

Scattered Geocaching

8 05 2008

My week was occupied by other pressing matters, so this might be one of my lightest caching weeks since is started! I found 4, count ’em, 4.

#1 was a cache right outside my hotel window in Medford, OR, where I met my parents for a visit.


Here’s the cache site, as viewed from my room:

It’s right next to the fabulous Harry and David store, too.

I then went back to Yreka with my folks and time to find one that I’d missed before:
Phoenix 52

Of course, it was an AMMO CAN in a BUSH. Duh.
I got a couple of nifty photos on the way back, and enjoyed the short ride up the river with my dad.


Old Rock Wall

Mount Shasta

Upon my return, I had a performance out in Rancho Cucamonga, and found the cache conveniently located in the parking lot of their beautiful, new performing arts center:
Tour De Gardens
This was a tricky one, and nicely camo’d.

Finally, yesterday, I had time to pick up one kinda close to my house:
Just For You, OLdweeb
This was also a tricky one, but fun to finally grab it.

Until next week, happy caching!