Rain or Shine!

29 04 2010

This week, we have a special guest post by Rain or Shine, a nicely detailed accounting of the new world record run of 695 caches in 24 hours. He, along with legoboyjj and ZSteve, did the first 600 in 18 hours. Wow, and zoom!

There will be more of this madness this summer, and yours truly will probably be involved in an attempt of some kind or another to break this, meanwhile, enjoy this story!

Note: a Nevada Nano is pictured my post from last week – held up by Albackore. …. and yes, I’m still on track with my 100 day cache streak – more on that next week!

The Rundown (click below for a pdf of the text):
Trail of the Gods

The Over-achievers:

Night Vision:

Desert Delights

23 04 2010

Even though the massive Trail of the Gods was archived, I headed out to the Primm, NV, area with Albackore and OLdweeb anyway. We did a couple of days of more “normal” caching, and I enjoyed what felt like a true vacation. By the way, the record has been broken again and is now 695. I hope to have a guest post from one of the over-achievers to share here next week!

Our first stop on the way was at the famous Mad Greek restaurant.

I had their signature dish: a gyro!

Outside, in the center of the town of Baker, is the world’s largest thermometer. As you can see, it was 84º that day.

We stayed at Buffalo Bill’s. They have a super rollercoaster, but we didn’t take time to ride it:

It was difficult to ascertain how to access the building, though:

Before heading out to the back roads, we found a few in the nearby parking lots. This particular hiding area shows evidence of much use!

Here we are at one of the few remaining deities:

Most of them were micro caches, but a few were large!

It’s always wonderful to see the desert blooming in spring:

We also saw THEM!!!

I dunno… should we be worried?

I like the challenge of negotiating dirt roads and getting my Prius way out there:

… and one of my favorite things about the desert are the marvelous sunsets!

Meanwhile, here are my latest daily finds. According to my count, I’ll find #100 on June 30 – right?
4/16 North Baker
4/17 Zeus
4/18 Before Spikes!
4/19 Bikencache 77
4/20 The First Time
4/21 On A Prairie
4/22 Buddy’s Favorite – really nice camo on this one
4/23 Looking over…

The Saga of the Trail of the Gods

15 04 2010

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, there were over 600 caches hidden along a powerline road between Baker, CA and Primm, NV, exciting all of the manic and obsessed geocachers. Each one was named for a god or person of mythology in a wide variety of cultures, hence the name “The Trail of the Gods.”

The Ventura Kids made the run with f0t0m0m and Cachepal, grabbing over 566 in less than 24 hours. This was the world record, beating even the latest cache run in Denmark and Sweden. A week later, that record was obliterated by Team Geo-Rangers and Peasinapod, who racked up 626 in a 24-hour period. I was intending to head out there this weekend for a relaxed two days of finding most of them in daylight hours, but earlier this week pretty much the whole trail was archived! This cache page has typical log entries for the record runners and reason behind “The Massacre of the Gods”:

Alas, the opportunity there is no more… but there will be an even longer run coming in June just north of Las Vegas. It’s purported to be an E.T. invasion and the fun starts at this event:
E.T. Highway Invasion!

Meanwhile, I’m on Day 24 of my caching streak!
4/10 Bashful
Here, I met up with two sets of cachers! This is Gummyfrog and Pattymack:

The cache is located at this lovely cemented-in tributary of the L.A. River:

4/11 WlACC, Cache to Eagle #4, Cahuenga District
4/12 Twisted Colonel
4/13 Musical Chairs
4/14 Barrel of Laughs
4/15 Beware of the Dogs Travel bug/Dog Toy Swap II

I should have some good desert photos for next week, as I’m heading out to the Nevada border anyway for some “normal” caching with Albackore and OLdweeb. Until then!

So Far, So Good

10 04 2010

Here’s the next installment of my one-a-day caching program. I even got some good photos this week to post: a couple in Redlands and one in Thousand Oaks. There seem to be plenty popping up all over around my house, too.

4/1 Chlorophyll

4/2 SO Best Cache

4/3 Star Trek – Star Fleet Academy

4/4 Bus-did

Ha! A Cache Named for Me… sort of…
4/5 Carlson Cache

This park is in Culver City, CA:

4/6 Paint the Town Redlands

4/7 Grounded on White Oak

4/8 Trailhead micro #1

4/9 Dopey

… and now I’m off to find my cache for today! Wheee…..

Picking up the Gauntlet on a New Challenge

1 04 2010

I’ve completed some difficult geocaching challenges (such as finding caches in each county in California, and finding one of each combination of difficulty and terrain) and decided to take on another one: finding at least one cache each day for 100 consecutive days. One might think that with so many finds, I would have done that already, but I haven’t even gotten close. My longest streak so far has been 15 days. I’ve completed my first 9 days so far on this challenge, and will post my progress here each week. Here are the first nine:

3/23 Old Road Pine Tree For Lease # 2

3/24 SFV Meet and Greet #2

3/25 Waiting for pizza!


3/27 My High School Hangout

3/28 Tool Time

3/29 Combination of Fears


3/31 Are you a Mac? Or are you a PC?

If you want to keep tabs on my finds each day, be sure to follow me on Twitter (the link is to the right), as I’ll be logging in live with my iPhone.

This particular challenge cache is part of a group of challenge caches in Sacramento, many of which I’ve qualified for and some I’ll probably never complete, like this one:
An Impossible Challenge?

There’s actually an interesting history behind that particular challenge, and you can find those details here:
Creating The Ultimate Challenge.

Another BIG challenge was accepted and completed last week by the Ventura Kids, f0t0m0m, and Cachepal as they now have (again) the most finds in a 24-hour period: 566! I was proud to give my seat to Cachepal for this run, as I was busy with family and unable to make it. There are bigger records to be set though, and I hope to be on subsequent runs. The manic cache runs are now in Nevada, and Steve tells all about their latest adventure on one of the cache pages:
Baker to Primm, Desert Run #1.

Meanwhile, I gotta find another cache…. today….