Devil’s Canyon

4 09 2014

I took an epic 11 mile hike up this fabulous scenic canyon on Aug. 23 with an intrepid band of cachers from the San Fernando Valley and Ojai! BWidget, Cachekidz!, 3rd Wheel, Feral Cat, and gsmX2 joined me for the 5 hours of dodging poison oak and breathing the fresh summer air, finding 27 caches along the way. We started at Devil’s Tongue just above the parking lot, and wound up overlooking the canyon and hillsides from Angle’s [sic] View of the Devil (Cyn). Along the way, I visited my own cache, Daniel Webster, my ammo can that got charred in the fire a few years ago.

Thanks to Scott Miller (gsmX2), we have a great video to remember the day by!