MASH Site Geocaching

26 12 2008

I hiked out Malibu Creek this month to where they shot the MASH TV series. There are only a couple of rusted vehicles left, but you get a sense of deja vú there.

On the Ground near a Big Fat Log
On The Way to the Visitor Center
On the way to the Swamp ..or.. Halfway to M*A*S*H
Split Rock Mesa
MASH Cache
Of Bulldogs and Englishmen
Malibu Creek State Park
Malibu Creek Water Gap
Rocks of Malibu Creek SP – Conejo Volcanics

The weather was ideal for the hike, and so were my companions: Spoondoggie, his dad, and his dad’s girlfriend. His dad is new to geocaching, but his son and I got him addicted on this hike, and they’ve been out finding more. Heh.

The trail is a little rocky in places, but it’s not a hard or long hike. I’d been out here about 15 years ago, and recalled it being really difficult, so all this hiking I’ve been doing must be making a difference!

Here are a few photos and a video:




Don’t these hills look familiar??

Soooo…. on December 29, I resume my Twitter novel with Chapter 4! I believe it is the first quasi-interactive multi-media novel on Twitter.
Follow me and enjoy!
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Cache on!

Geocaching Oddities

18 12 2008

I’ve seen some really… odd…. things while out geocaching. It’s one of the best reasons to get out there!

Horses in Beautiful Downtown Burbank

A not-so-scenic bridge over the not-so-scenic L.A. River

A cache in a bug, as opposed to a bug in a cache

… but will he bring the mail IN?

assuming the position for cache retrieval here (lying on grass, though)

Foon and his posse recently had an odd encounter with the law. Here’s his story and a link to the cache in question!

Cop:  Didn’t you see that you parked right under the “no parking” sign?
Beau:  Yeah, but we’re geocachers hot on the trail of a cache!
Cop:  Oh!  Well, in that case.. [tosses the ticket book in the car, and retrieves the GPSr]

… and he helped them find the cache!

Here’s a log with the whole story! log page

a moose museum (I kid you not!)

THE yellow submarine?

a TB with some of Uncle Elwyn in it


lady driver – look out!

encroaching fog

an unusual crop

Hitchcockian – be afraid!

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

Geocaching with my iPhone

11 12 2008

I went and found two caches using only the iPhone apps. My report is given entirely in these short videos!













Until next week… happy geeky techy iPhony caching!

A Simple Hike, an Historic Nike

4 12 2008

I took a 6-mile RT hike recently along a fire road south of one of the local Nike bases. The Nike project, developed during WWII and the Cold War, was intended to be a first line of defense against air strikes. The base is now a monument and historical site.

Wikipedia has more info.

I come up here every so often, as there are several hikes I can take and I can see the entire San Fernando Valley from up there. Being able to see so much of such a large city give me a sense of ownership somehow: it’s all mine to enjoy!

The hike I took affords sweeping vistas of the surrounding canyons and hills, and the fire road has minimal elevation gains/losses, so the hike is long, but easy. I found these caches along the way:

Ryan’s Cache
Ground Hogs Day
What’s in a name?
Room to Grow

Some of the view:

A nice place to live, if you can:

The signs herald the entrance to the Santa Monica Mountains Wilderness Area… sort of:

I experimented with my camera focus to get this shot of the sun in the clouds:

When I pointed the camera a little differently, it shows this instead:

The Nike Base:

Here’s another sun shot:

Now if I can just figure out how to get a good one of the moon….

By the way, there are two podcasts well worth listening to. Sonny and Sandy, with almost 200 shows produced, are still fresh and entertaining: Podcacher
The other one is more of a real call-in show: Geocaching Podcast Catch them in action on Tuesday nights. Spread the word about these significant contributors to the geocaching community!

Until next week!