Spinal Tap

7 10 2010

I joined a horde of hardcore hikers this week as they wrapped up an epic challenge cache to find all of the caches along the Backbone Trail. Over 60 miles of trail and 135 caches along it make this a long-term project. I’ve found less than half of them, but I’m tempted to see if I can accomplish it. The hardest sections are to the west, where it is difficult to segment the hike into less than 13 mile treks.

Spinal Tap by The Lazy Loppers (GC1C4Y4)

Pianofab took several lovely photos of the day:
See them here!

I’ve got another iMovie for you with some shots of the scenery and views.

DO look back!
Dante’s Inferno: Level 2
Dirty Harry’s Manzanita
Backbone Lunch Rock – East

Movie of the Week

30 09 2010

My big hike of the week featured a rare encounter with a beautiful, black rattlesnake!

Note: this video is rated S, for snake footage. For those viewers who get freaked out by them, discretion is advised.

Music: “Sand and Clay”
Composed by: Tilman Sillescu, Chris William Woods, and Scott P. Schreer
Published by: Freeplay Music and Saber Music

A twenty-minute drive and a half-hour walk gets me in to this peaceful place:

Breakfast en Route to Nebraska

Back in the Saddle

16 09 2010

It’s been a long week.

I must admit that I did enjoy the satellite radio and the novelty of driving something different, but for someone that drives as much as I do, my car becomes an extension of myself. It has a comfortable fit. My foot knows exactly how to accelerate smoothly. The placement of everything is so familiar, I don’t have to think about where any of my stuff is.

I can also drive in the car pool lane by myself.

I missed that the most this week – this long week. I’m very happy to finally be back in my own saddle again.

As it turned out, my car did, indeed, have an actual malfunction. It wasn’t an extraterrestrial influence, just an inverter pump. The part was back ordered, and I ended up with a Dodge Carabiner until this evening. The Prius is all better now.

I’m hoping that my buddies are all better now, too – not the ones from the alien run, but the ones from the hike last weekend. We encountered some angry bees that cut our commune with nature short.

It was lovely while it lasted, though:

tozainamboku, sissopolis, Albackore, Don J, OLdweeb (invisible)

Ahhh, the sweet smell of nature!
Rust to Dust
C-Bear’s cache
Emmy’s Cache!
Pack 100 Malibu Creek Cache

There’s more of the story on OLdweeb’s Blog HERE.

Seriously: click on over and keep reading! OLdweeb’s blog
He took some nice photos, too.

An Ultimate Geocaching Weekend

24 04 2008

On Saturday, I hiked 7 miles through spectacular scenery in the Santa Monica mountains through creekbeds, hip-high grasslands, and over a 1600-foot summit with views of the ocean. Our merry band of 10 found over 20 caches, including 2 earthcaches.

On Sunday, I rode around with the Ventura Kids and f0t0m0m to over 100 caches, including two events. One was on the Huntington Beach Pier, a flash mob with everyone wearing tie-dye.

It doesn’t get much better than all that.

I did take one photo on the hike before my camera stopped working:

The plants in the foreground have a very “Dr. Seuss” look to them, with thickish tall stalks and puffy foliage under bunches of tall flowers. In the background, you see some rock outcroppings, many of which have visible layers of fossils, and on in to La Jolla Canyon.

GeoCraig was along, and he really takes much better photos than I do. CLICK HERE to see them all, but here are a few of them:





Again, CLICK HERE to see them all!

EagleRockRob also took a whole bunch of nice photos – CLICK HERE to view them.

Also on the hike were OLdweeb, RobbDogg, Capdude, Capsbug, DonJag (our fearless leader), Deeznutz, and his wife.

The day with the VKs was not one for photographing really, as it was mostly in urbans settings and most of the caches were pretty standard, except for two. Both of these involved some skilled construction techniques, and we are now all fans of Mesquer!

Got a Dime, Make a Call
It Is What It Is

Then the VKs showed their amazing teamwork skill here:
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
As we approached a long, chest-high, dense hedge along the edge of a park, f0t0m0m and I hung back, anticipating several minutes at least of due diligence. Steve and Sandy strolled along the edge with Steve counting down the feet: “15, 10, 5, 3… zero!” at which point Sandy reached in the bushes and drew out the cache!! I wish it happened like that more often….

Yes, it does take a long time to long over 90 finds, and when I’m out with them, it takes longer… Steve has tendency to make, um, smart remarks in his logs, so I have to check what he writes to make sure I don’t have to defend myself. LOL.
Case in point (check out his log):

My week was rounded out with a few caches in Santa Monica, after some singing work down there:
The Gnome Liberation Front Safe House – on the owner’s front porch!

In closing, I present a photo of too many people wearing really colorful clothing:

Until next week… happy caching!