Vegas, Baby!

29 07 2010

I spent 9 days in Vegas learning about real estate investing and how to be a successful enterpreneur. In between the smorgasbord of information and networking, I grabbed a few caches near the hotel. All of them were nicely hidden:

It’s not easy being Green in Vegas

"Say Goodnight, Gracie…"

The Gates that won’t close

One Tree on The Planet

Vegas is fun at night:

… but it’s also quite striking on a quiet Monday morning:

I capped off my geocaching week with a straggler close to my house!

p.s. I notice that no one has rushed over to CafePress. (ha!) Here’s my offer for my birthday month of August: anyone who sends me a photo of them with any of my EMC of Northridge products from CafePress will get a free bronze EMC geocoin! Yes? Yes!

Tools Of The Trade

23 07 2010

Also known at TOTTs, we each use some standard ones to access caches and the logs, such as tweezers, nut on a string, water, grabber, magnet, screwdriver, flashlight, etc. This week, I’m featuring some of the more truly unusual equipment that I and my caching compadres use.

David T and Fisherwoman has one:

f0t0m0m keeps at least one of these in his pocket:

AgouraCharger found this on the ground when we were out caching together, and I’ve had it in my trunk ever since. It’s been my most useful extraction tool to date. In this photo, I’ve duct taped it to my hiking stick to create an extra long retrieval hook:

When I saw TerraGirl’s, I had to have this, too!

Want one? Corporate Connection is where I got ’em.

I think my favorite extraction tools, though, are other cachers who are willing/able to climb, reach, crawl or otherwise access things I would not be able to!

Sometimes no tool will help, as evidenced by this log posted by the Ventura Kids:

BIG ammo can

p.s. Several people at Geowoodstock requested more updates on my cats! Perhaps I’ll do that each month or so… This is my latest photo of Marzipan, now a big, beautiful smattering of color:

p.p.s. I’m in Vegas this week attending real estate investing seminars, and I’ll post about whatever adventures I manage to have in between classes in my next installment!

Can I Break the Habit? … er, Streak?

15 07 2010

Today would be Day 115, and I still have not broken the cache-a-day streak! I do expect that eventually the streak would be broken by life’s scheduling and circumstances, so I’m thinking that I should break it deliberately and with a bit of a flourish instead.

Last night I attended our monthly event in Woodland Hills after finding 40 of the closest caches to my house. This effectively clears out the easy ones that I’ve been relying on to maintain my streak. If I can resist the temptation today to grab one of the very few leftovers nearby, then I can look to getting back to caching fewer days and higher numbers.

This is the theory.

It’s also a really BIG if.

Even if I manage to break the streak, I’ve really come to enjoy the habit.

Will I break the streak today and NOT find a cache?

Meanwhile, here are some photos from my final (?) streak day:





Last cache of the streak?
SFV Meet & Greet #6

The Welcome Road Home

5 07 2010

Wow – the week is already up and this is the last long day of my road trip to Seattle. I’m relaxed and exhausted at the same time. Perhaps it’s because I took a detour to Pluto this afternoon:
Vgr1 – Pluto

Can you find the cache?

The best part about that planet are the fresh apricots!

Aaahhh… time to get back home and back to the kitties! Time to get back to the regular weekly blog installments, too… Onward in to the summer!