Los Angeles Pet Cemetery

9 02 2012

After well over 25,000 finds, there are still amazing and surprising things to discover while out caching!
The Pet Cemetery

The Los Angeles Pet Cemetery is one of those places, indeed. I was completely unaware that any such place existed, and it’s been here since 1928.

Follow this link -LA Pet Cemetery- to learn more about the cemetery and its history. It looks like any other cemetery at first glance.

There are new flowers everywhere, so this is a very active place.

Near the entrance is a charming garden…

…with a large stone homage to The Rainbow Bridge:

It was difficult not to get choked up as I walked around. Some headstones were quite large!

These are two from what was the first section of plots, dated 1929:

Some had photos of the pets, much like some human headstones:

I even found one in Chinese, near this tree covered in wind chimes:

The music from the chimes added to the peace and charm. At the back is a small mausoleum, also dated 1929.

It’s decorated with some really beautiful stained glass:

f0t0m0m explored a different corner of the cemetery, came across some famous horses!

We even found Rudolf Valentino’s dog.

There were a few graves for cats and horses, but most were dogs. I don’t know if I’ll put my cats here to rest, but it’s certainly something to consider. It was wonderful to come across this unusual and significant bit of Los Angeles history and culture, in any case.

Juan Bautista de Anza Trail

2 02 2012

There is a 1.4 mile section of trail between Las Virgenes Road and the end of a frontage road in Calabasas that is quite historic. It was part of the original routes of the first Spanish explorers and part of the main thoroughfare throughout California, the El Camino Real.

I started on the west end with f0t0m0m on the section that is most familiar to me. This hill was one of the first hikes I took when I first began geocaching, but the trail did not go all the way through then.

We quickly could see a nice slice of the hills to the west….

…even more so as we crested the hill we were on.

This bench is at said crest.

There are quite a few informative signs along the trail now. This one discusses the importance to the ecosystem of the seasonal fires.

When we descended in to the next valley, we were confronted by a flooded section of trail.

We had to search upstream for a reasonable place to cross, and I still managed to get one of my feet soaked. The rest of the trail was basically flat to the east end, where I found the first cache of the day that was new to me:
De Anza trailhead

Even though it’s warm here, the trees are barren for winter.

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Geocaching (more or less)

28 05 2009

I got out for a hike on Saturday with Albackore and Capdude by taking the kitten to a cat sitter! She still needs a bottle every 3 hours, and the drive and hike took us about 5. In a couple of weeks, after she’s learned to eat more regular cat food, this won’t be necessary, but meanwhile, my schedule revolves around the still tiny feline.

Capdude did the research on the hike, but none of us were aware of the gnarlyness of the trail! We did a car bridge, parking one car at the bottom, driving another to the top, then hiking down, and this turned out to be very wise. The hike started out on a nice fire road, ascending to an old lookout, but most of the descent was along a rocky ridge. There was much rock clambering and steep parts and “where’s the trail”. We all had a blast, though, finding all of the caches on the list, some of which I’d already done, but 7 were new for me. It was a great workout, and just right for my re-entry in to hiking after being away from it for a couple of months!

100,000,000 BC
Hole in the Wall
Skunk Rock
Evil Lurks at the Root
Meadow View
Cloud City
Bite the Bullet

The views ranged from foggy to spectacular, as is typical for spring hiking around here. Albackore got this nice shot of me workin’ the poles, not exactly skiing, more like creeping down the slope. Pay more attention to the view!

I gave up on this section and did a spider crawl to get down. Where’s that view?

No cache in here, Capdude! (photo by Albackore)

At the end of the hike, Capdude placed this one in honor of the kitten – La Divina Gattina Marzapana, aka Marzipan, aka Marziboo:
Marziboo (Traditional Cache)


Until next week, mew mew!