4 10 2012

In order to get from Kentucky to Missouri, I found myself driving for a lot of the time through Indiana. I spent the night in the Louisville area, but not really in Kentucky. The best hotel deal ended up being just across the river in New Albany, Indiana.

I like how each state greets its visitors.

One associates Lincoln with Illinois, but he spent much of his childhood in Indiana. I didn’t get to the National Park in his home town, but read some signage about him at the welcome center.

Of course, I looked for easy ones to find at rest stops. It’s not fun to DNF, especially when you’re way out of town!
I-64 Rest Area
The path to the cache:

… and the view from the cache, such as it was. Being out in the flat, flat mid-West confirmed my identity as a mountain girl.

This rest area boasted a natural sink hole. It was curious, but not all that impressive.
Hoosier CaCO 3 Sinkhole

This classic McDonalds was an impressive bit of American history, though.

It’s just hilly enough to get expansive views of the farms and farmland.

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