Arizona Scenery

26 07 2012

I’m taking a 2 1/2 week road trip, and it’s the first long vacation I’ve taken since I found Marzipan! For the first leg of my journey, I even have my sister along, which is a treat. I have a selection of geocaches for each day, many of them strategically planned to finish off a few challenges, such as the Jasmer.

Welcome to Arizona I-40
NOT the Pet Area!

The cache here was missing, but the view was incredible.
Pirate Gate

Here’s the Colorado River, in front of some really dramatic mountains.

A quick detour through Ash Fork showed us a snapshot of history, both in the monuments and in the abandoned buildings along the former Route 66 through town. I love the design of this Historical Marker.
Ash Fork

Here’s where the local heroes hang out.

More glorious Arizona to come….




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27 07 2012

Welcome to our beautiful state!! Hope you don’t get stuck in any monsoons!

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