The Adventures of Helen and Daniel, #1 Ch. 9

The Adventures of Helen and Daniel
Chapter 9 – Nature at its Finest

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Daniel and Helen were so engrossed in what they were doing, that the first drops went unnoticed, but then the skies opened up. Both gasped.

It began to rain, to pour, to soak them as only a storm in the desert can. They both started grabbing things, tossing them in to the tent.

“Let’s try to put things inside one sleeping bag,” Daniel suggested. They both grabbed more, hurrying to get it all where it might stay dry.


Helen kept handed him a small pillow, and Daniel tucked it in a corner of a sleeping bag. Helen then noticed that something was missing.

That something was really, really necessary right now, and she didn’t see it anywhere. “Daniel,” she cried, “where’s the rainfly??”

Daniel glanced around madly. “I don’t see the rainfly anywhere!” “I don’t either!” The tent shelter was becoming rapidly ineffectual.

“We can find geocaches, and we can’t find the dang rainfly??” Daniel started laughing as they continued to circle, searching desperately.

Daniel finally spotted it in a corner by the tent, and called out: “Found it!” They quickly got it in place, & ducked inside the tent.


The wind had kicked up & Helen started to shiver uncontrollably. Daniel helped her wrap up in her sleeping bag, but it was soaked and cold.

They clung together and watched the rain continue to wash the desert clean. Their silence was mutual; the romantic mood was clearly broken.

The rain eased up after about 20 minutes. Daniel & Helen just watched quietly from the tent as run-off made rivulets through the campsite.

A few rays of sun broke out, enough to create a teeny part of a rainbow against the rocks in the distance, bringing its designed comfort.

Helen wanted to be forlorn, but the beauty around them made that hard, finding she could only marvel at what she saw, heard, smelled, felt.

“At least in the desert dry air, everything should dry out quickly,” Daniel commented. Helen nodded, ” As soon as the rain stops… yeah”

“And you’re not shivering now at least.” Helen smiled. “I think I’m fine now.” The storm continued to drizzle, so they remained inside.

“Well,” offered Daniel cheerily, “when the rain stops, which caches did you want to try for today?” “Let’s look at the list we brought.”

Helen pointed to her pack nearby. “Front pocket – hope it didn’t get too wet.” Daniel hoped that no girly stuff was also in the pocket.

He made no mention of his fear, though, and fished around gingerly inside. The only things he felt were a folded piece of paper and a map.

He sighed to himself and drew both out. They had a list of about 20 in the area of varying terrain levels, & first 3 were to the north.

“The second one on the list is a 4 terrain – probably too long of a hike for today, but the other two look doable,” Daniel suggested.

“I agree, and one’s a 3-waypoint multi, so it’ll take some time. It looks to be pretty straightforward, and people are finding it easily.”

Helen opened the map, and showed Daniel where the two caches and all the waypoints would take them. Just then her tummy rumbled.

Daniel laughed, “We probably should eat first.” Helen agreed. “But can we get the stove going?” “I think so – it’s just a light mist now.”

He got out of the tent, got some water heated, and made them both some oatmeal and coffee. The clouds yielded more and more as they ate.

By the time they were done, the storm had blown completely over, leaving a brilliantly clear sky and cool, fresh air behind.

blue sky

Note: today’s posts include a PRODUCT PLACEMENT – see if you can notice it. LOL.

The two cleaned up from breakfast, laid things out to dry, packed up lunches in daypacks, grabbed the GPSrs and headed out cheerily.

The freshness of the desert after the storm was inspiring, and Helen and Daniel hiked with vigor, chatting about favorite music and composers.

Joshua trees

The first of the two caches was located in a copse of Joshua trees. It was an older cache, and needed some TLC. Daniel had just the thing. Dr. B’s Cache Repair Kit – Arid/Desert had everything they needed to replace the log and tape up the worn corner.

After doing their caching good deed for the day, they turned their attention to the multi. The first waypoint was up a hill full of cactus.

Daniel saw the small container from the bottom of the hill, & chivalrously called out, “I’ll get it!” He bounded up, dodging small plants.

small cactus

He quickly grabbed the container and opened it, putting the coords in his GPSr as he repeated them loudly for Helen to do the same in hers.

He decided to take an alternate route down, behind the hill. He was out of Helen’s sight for just a moment, but she heard him slip and yelp.

“Daniel! What happened??” She tried to get to him quickly, but there was a lot of cactus to dodge. Finally she got where she could see him.

He had managed to stand up, but had tripped and fallen in to a teddy bear cholla! Numerous spines were stuck in his thigh! Helen gasped.

teddy bear cholla


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