The Adventures of Helen and Daniel, #1 Ch. 8

The Adventures of Helen and Daniel
Chapter 8 – Things Heat Up

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#geocaching “The Adventures of Helen & Daniel” would seem to be the first quasi-interactive, multi-media Twitter novel.

#geocaching If any of my esteemed readers have suggestions for the story, I will attempt to incorporate them, as I’m only 1 – 2 chapters ahead of the tweets.

The sky was just beginning to get light. Helen awoke, stretched languorously, and listened to the first birds start their morning songs.

She rolled over to see if Daniel was awake yet, too, but his gentle, even breathing assured her that he was not. She admired his profile.

Soon, she realized she would have to get up and sneak away for a quick call of nature, and she steeled herself to get into the chilled air.

Helen took care of the necessity quickly and quietly, then tucked herself back in her still-warm sleeping bag, not waking Daniel.

She noticed that the crickets had stopped, and the pre-dawn quiet was enchanting. The stars disappeared one by one as she dozed off again.

The sun coming over the horizon woke Daniel up, and he sat up. He could hear the hushed sounds of other campers in the distance.


The morning had a sacred feel to it, as Daniel also responded to his morning call of nature, then returned to lie down next to Helen again.

He wasn’t sure if he should wake her up, but looking at her was beginning to inspire him again. He contemplated his options.

One of the reasons they were here was to move their relationship to the next level, and this would be the perfect time, Daniel thought.

Just then, Helen opened her eyes and smiled at him. They regarded each other fondly for a moment, then Daniel gracefully kissed her.

Helen ran her fingers through Daniel’s hair, and he pulled her a little closer. They sweetly rubbed noses, and Helen giggled a bit.

They’d already had the obligatory perfunctory discussion, so nothing needed to be said. They were both feeling a bit nervous, though.

Helen caressed Daniel’s smooth cheek, and he felt comforted and somewhat empowered. He began to kiss her face and neck.

Helen relaxed more, just enjoying the sensations she was feeling, and observing them spread through her body as Daniel continued.

She lightly massaged his shoulders and upper back as she felt his lips play over her cheeks & forehead, and down her neck.

Helen and Daniel shared a deeper kiss as she moved her hands down his back, sensing the strength in his frame.

Daniel took a breath, sighed, rolled back, and Helen brought herself up on one elbow. She looked over him at the view around them.


“This whole place & time feel so… divine… ” he said, ” I want to savor every moment & every sensation.” “Me, too” she whispered, “I…”

“I want this all to feel like it lasts forever.” Daniel looked at her earnestly, and said, “It will.” “Do you mean that?” Helen asked.

“Yes, ” Daniel replied without hesitation, “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Helen blushed, and wasn’t sure what to say.

Helen reclined back, taking Daniel’s hand in hers, massaging it carefully, even studiously, as she considered his deep statements.

They paused like that for several minutes, listening to the birds and to the other campers in the distance as they packed up gear.


The sky, although light now, was overcast, rendering the campsite with a shrouded atmosphere. The air had a refreshing, mystical quality.

The robust laugher from the night before was at it again, and his guffaws started them giggling. This released some of the nervousness.

Daniel resisted the temptation to say something silly; Helen resisted the temptation to quote a silly love song. The campground grew quiet.

Helen gradually moved her kneading fingers up his arm and sat up. She studied his handsome face, thinking how blessed she was.

As she let herself observe the fullness of Daniel’s form, it brought on a deep wave of emotion. She never expected anything this good.

Mistily, she said, “I’m so happy we’ve found each other.” Daniel’s voice was a little husky: “Come here.” He pulled her gently to him.

Helen cuddled next to him, lightly resting her hand on his tummy. He stroked her hair, her face, her arms, as they held each other there.

They enjoyed a few kisses and Helen began to play with kissing his whole face, feeling a little daring at taking some initiative.

As she nuzzled his ear, she noticed his body responding as only a man’s can. Almost instinctually, unconsciously, she moved her hand there.

It had been a long time since her last, and what was under her hand felt magnificent. Daniel drew her close & rolled them both gently over.

He pressed himself into her and kissed her deeply. They held each other there for several moments, not wanting to break the sweet tension.

Holding each other’s gaze, they breathed… just breathed. The rhythm of it was music, and they both starting moving to that inner beat.

His hands found what was soft. Hers found what was not, she felt a rush of desire. They didn’t notice that the stars had disappeared.

(oh yeah – this is a cliffhanger! I have to take a little time away from this to work on my geocaching book!)

#geocaching Will Helen and Daniel continue what they started? Tune in next Monday 2/16!
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#geocaching Will Helen and Daniel go find more geocaches? Tune in tomorrow for the next chapter of The Adventures of Helen and Daniel!


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