The Adventures of Helen and Daniel, #1 Ch. 6

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The Adventures of Helen and Daniel
Chapter 6 – An Unwelcome Guest

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#geocaching “The Adventures of Helen & Daniel” would seem to be the first quasi-interactive, multi-media Twitter novel.

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Daniel instinctively put his arm around Helen, then whispered in her ear, “Is that the bat you saw last night?”

Helen shuddered involuntarily. “It might be. It’s big enough.” She put her arms around Daniel’s waist and her head his shoulder.

Doug and Tracy merely watched the thing fly over the nearby boulder and disappear, then noticed Helen’s reaction.

“Hey, Helen,” said Tracy gently, “what’s the matter?” Daniel replied for her, “she had a bad dream about bats and vampires last night.”

Doug gave a hearty laugh. “You can’t really believe in those things! Do you?” Helen looked up. “Well, no, it’s… just… it was…. ”

“…really vivid…the bat was… big… and…wanted to land on me…. and I don’t know why I remember the dream so clearly. I never do.”

Daniel kissed her cheek and stroked her long, brown hair. “But it was just a dream. You’re OK. The bat is gone.” Doug snorted.

“Yeah, the monster’s gone, and we gotta long way to go!” he said abruptly. He took off up the trail, and Tracy followed him.

Helen and Daniel broke their embrace, and strode after the other two, keeping pace. Tracy looked for something new and distracting.


“Oh, look! Two different colors of lichen!” Tracy walked over to the pretty fungus on the rocks, then let out a blood-curdling scream.

Doug leaped off the trail and toward his panicked girlfriend. “Tracy! What happened??” “A… A…. BIG… aaa…. it’s… a big….”

“What??!?” Daniel and Helen joined Doug by the rocks and all looked over and down. “That?” asked Daniel calmly.

“Y-y-y-yes,” Tracy stammered. “But it’s beautiful!” Helen had her camera ready. “What a gorgeous specimen, ” Daniel agreed.


Doug leaned in closer. “That’s the biggest one I’ve seen in the wild. Nice black color, too.” Tracy sputtered. “It’s horrible!!”

“Can we PLEASE get away from it?” Doug grinned at her, gave her a hug, and took her hand as they all continued up the trail.

After several miles of hiking, the quartet stopped for lunch, during which Tracy, still shaken from the big spider, got mad at Doug.

He’d forgotten to pack the sodas, but fortunately, Helen and Daniel had extras along. Moods and energy were soon restored.

Another mile past the lunch spot, Daniel espied the petroglyphs. Out came all the cameras again, as did a few off-color comments.


Doug managed to turn the whole display of ancient art in to a version of “Wayne’s World”, “Airplane”, and “Earth Girls are Easy.”

The other three busted a gut at his inanity, but had to agree that the glyphs really did look like…. those… things he discussed.

After they’d all recovered from the hysterical storytelling, Helen, Daniel, Doug, and Tracy made good time toward their destination.

Their campsites were only a couple of miles away when Helen pointed at some large holes in nearby rock formation.


“I think I saw something move in there, ” she said. Tracy had seen something, too, but thought it must have been a rabbit or squirrel.

Just then, another hiker caught up with them. Helen was astounded to see that she actually recognized him – but it couldn’t be….

“Wonderful day to be out, isn’t it?” said the man with the odd eyes as he strode up to the quartet, and held out his hand, “I’m Wolf.”

Doug shook hands warmly with the stranger, and made introductions all around. Wolf’s eyes lingered on Helen, but she avoided his gaze.

Daniel observed the way Helen was being regarded, and glowered a bit. “How far are you hiking?” he asked. “To the next campground.”

Helen took Daniel’s hand, squeezing it meaningfully. “Well, let’s walk together, shall we?” Doug said cheerily, and started to lead the way.

Helen pulled Daniel back to let the other three get slightly ahead, then confessed in a whisper that Wolf was the guy from the bar with Pammi.

“You’ve run into him three times in as many days?” Daniel was mystified. “Don’t worry, though. If he’s really a vampire, I have these handy.”


Helen giggled at the sight of the stupidly appropriate garlic mints. “Where the heck did you find those, and WHY?” “I think at some 7-11.”

“I was planning to use them as some kind of gag during our time out here,” Daniel admitted. The two then picked up the pace to catch up.

The conversation between the five of them was on all the normal topics, and Wolf showed an interest in geocaching and the GPSrs.

He politely parted company with them as they arrived at the campground, and our four found tent sites, and started setting up their camps.

A half hour or so later, Doug rushed into Daniel & Helen’s site. He was totally frantic. “I can’t find Tracy! I can’t find her anywhere!”

***In the true tradition of serial writing, I leave you with a CLIFFHANGER! Tune in again on 1/26/09 for more Adventures of H&D!***

***Did Tracy wander off with Wolf? Find out next week on “The Adventure of Helen & Daniel!***
***Is Wolf really a vampire, or just have a funny accent? Find out next week on “The Adventure of Helen & Daniel!***
***Would the garlic mints work to ward off vampires? Find out next week on “The Adventure of Helen & Daniel!***
***Did Doug just not hear Tracy tell him she just needed to heed the call of nature? Find out next week on “The Adventure of Helen & Daniel!***
***Did Wolf compel Tracy to seek him out? Find out next week on “The Adventure of Helen & Daniel!***
***Will Helen and Daniel ever get some private time in the wilderness? Find out next week on “The Adventure of Helen & Daniel!***
***Who is this Wolf guy really? Find out starting tomorrow on “The Adventure of Helen & Daniel!***


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