The Adventures of Helen and Daniel, #1 Ch. 13

The Adventures of Helen and Daniel
Chapter 13 – The Long Way Home

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#geocaching “The Adventures of Helen & Daniel” would seem to be the first quasi-interactive, multi-media Twitter novel.

#geocaching If any of you have suggestions for the story, I will attempt to incorporate them, as I’m only 1-2 chapters ahead of the tweets.

Daniel stretched, then cringed. Helen woke up next to him and asked how he was feeling. “Stiff. Sore. Looking forward to getting home.”

“Me, too,” Helen agreed, and brace herself to exit the tent for a quick retreat to the bushes. When she got back, Daniel had coffee ready.

Helen sipped hers languorously. It was her favorite part of any morning, those first sips of fresh java. “Are you still bleeding?”

Daniel shook his head. Helen was relieved. “At least there’s that. That and coffee.” “And oatmeal.” Daniel handed her a bowl.

“You should rest, Daniel. Let me do most of the packing.” Daniel made no objection, and Helen had them ready to go about an hour later.

It was slow going with Daniel’s bum leg, but he did he best to keep the complaining to a minimum. Helen was rather impressed.

“You’re being so stoic,” she finally commented. “It’s all an act,” Daniel laughed. “Well, don’t over act, or you might open those wounds.”

Daniel snorted, “I know… and I probably should take a break and rest for a few minutes.” He leaned against a convenient boulder.

Helen made a quick inspection. ” Your bandages seem to be holding up. I’ll be back in a minute – now don’t move!” “Yes, mom.”

Helen didn’t wander far to take care of what was pressing, and on the way back, she picked up a stunning chunk of quartz to show off.

photo – pretty quartz –

“Wow, that is a striking sample, Helen.” Daniel admired the white rock she’d picked up. “Got your energy back?” Helen rubbed his shoulders.

“I think so.” “There’s a cache not far off the trail coming up. Wanna try to get to it? It’s supposed to be at a wonderful vista point.”

“Um… ” Daniel looked like he was mulling over more than the hike. Helen started to get really curious, but Daniel said, “OK, let’s go.”

“It won’t add more than a third of a mile to our hike, right?” “Should be about right,” Helen said, “The clear air is perfect for the view.”

They both got their GPSrs out and were soon opening the ammo can. “Firestick and Jazz Goddess, what a pair,” Daniel remarked.

“We are quite a pair, aren’t we?” Helen laughed. ” And look at the sweeping desert valley out there. It’s a spectacular sight!”

Daniel cleared his throat. “Ya know… I’m thinking that if we can survive an ordeal like this together, we can probably survive anything.”

Helen turned from the view and smiled at him. “I agree, Daniel.” She paused, as he was looking kind of nervous. “Are you OK?”

“Yes, yes… just… I was wondering if.. well… perhaps we should do this right… not mess around… but get our lives on the right track.”

“Daniel, what are you talking about?” “Ow… I can’t kneel,” Daniel sighed, “but… Helen… would you marry me?” Helen stared. “Wow.”

“Does ‘wow’ mean ‘yes’, or…” Daniel asked. Helen ran up and hugged his neck. “Yes, it means yes! And it means wow, too!”

Helen gave him a big kiss, then pulled back. “How will we ever find a date that will work for our families? This could take a year to plan!”

“I know. Everyone is scattered on three continents.” Daniel already had a plan, though. “How about… we just elope to Vegas? Why wait?”

Daniel continued his train of thought. “We can plan a one-year anniversary party then and get everyone together for that!”

Helen looked at Daniel carefully. “You’re serious?” “Yes. Let’s just go do this!” “We have a lot to talk about first!” “Yes! Lots!”

The two talked about everything possible for the rest of the hike: where to live, when to go to Vegas, how to manage their money.

They had a pretty good argument about managing their money, actually, but agreed on some key points at last, and enjoyed the process.

The parking lot appeared in no time, it seemed, and they loaded the car and headed back to Phoenix, still gabbing about the future.

All of a sudden, both of their lives seemed more clear and purposeful, and it was all ahead of them. They both relaxed as they talked.

Along the way, they called the Ambersons, and Lauren arranged for Daniel to see her doctor that afternoon, to Helen’s relief.


Daniel got his wounds treated a little more properly, but Helen had done a good job in the field. They were both ready for a real bed.

They spent a quiet evening with the Ambersons and both slept well in each other’s arms. The next morning, it was time to part ways.

Daniel had to head back for his conducting job in New Mexico; Helen had some gigs waiting in Los Angeles. Next month: Vegas!

After a long hug and several kisses, they each got in their cars, and Helen put on the latest Podcacher episode to keep her company.

As she headed for the freeway, she thought she saw a flapping shadow following her… but then decided it was just her imagination.

This is the end of Season 1, and I’m putting myself on hiatus until I get my real book written on my geocaching experiences! Nag me.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll start posting excerpts from that book y’all will nag me to finish. 🙂 Maybe I’ll post reruns of Season 1! LOL.


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