The Adventures of Helen and Daniel, #1 Ch. 12

The Adventures of Helen and Daniel
Chapter 12 – Recovery, Perhaps

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The sun was warm, but the mood was very chilly as Helen and Daniel made their way back to the campsite, slowly and carefully.

Daniel had to lean a lot on Helen to keep the weight off his injured leg, and she was glad to be there for his support.

They didn’t say much, but each of them had plenty to think about. Daniel continued to fume at her silently for her bat obsession.

‘Was there more to this Wolf guy that he didn’t know? Was she infected by him or something? Naw… that would be crazy.’

Helen was still upset that he’d yelled at her. ‘Why would he think I’d make something like that up?’ None too soon, they reached the goal.

Helen got Daniel settled in the tent, and set about to change the bandages again. The movement from walking back had soaked them.

It was too late to hike out now, and Daniel was in no shape to do so anyway. He hoped he could walk better in the morning.

Helen pulled out the evening’s dinner: freeze-dried beef stroganoff and vegetables. It was a favorite dish for both of them.

She also opened the last bottle of wine, a light pinot noir, hoping that would ease the tensions as well as his pain a bit more.

They were sipping in silence as the meal heated when they both heard a flapping sound, and the big bat landed on the tent!

Helen froze. Daniel gaped. He could see that she was immobilized with fear. He looked closer at the animal, but it was fixed on Helen.

vampire bat information

Daniel grabbed the nearest thing, a flashlight, and began to swat at the thing. He thought he’d grazed it, but it flew off, & he sank back.

The movement had hurt, but not reopened the wounds. “Holy Flying Mammals!” he chortled, trying to be funny, and looked over at her.

She was weaving where she sat next to him and about to faint. He caught her and eased her down beside him. “Helen! Helen!”

She was flushed, but didn’t lose consciousness. “I’m so dizzy… it was… thinking at me again…” Daniel just held her. “I’m sorry.”

Helen’s vision cleared slowly, and she smiled at Daniel. “I know I sounded crazy, but I’m glad you believe me now,” she said.

“Well, yeah… that was one big bat. I didn’t see any fangs or hear any thoughts, though… are you sure?” “As sure as I can be about…”

“… well, about something so bizarre.” “What did the bat, um, think at you?” “That he’d see me soon and I’d be his.” “His?? His what?”

Helen shrugged. Daniel frowned. “Is there more between you and this Wolf guy than you are letting on?” “Wolf? Oh, no, he’s creepy!”

Helen was irritated. “I told you everything that went down at the bar. You met him yourself here, and he seemed OK, if a little weird.”

“It was weird that he showed up on the trail,” Daniel added, “but I get the feeling there’s more… something you’re not telling me.”

Helen sat up more and reached for her wine glass. “I told you he had this compelling effect on Pammi, and she’s no pushover.”

“Yes, and that he actually licked your neck. Ew.” “I know, and that might have been all he needed to do to, well, mesmerize me, too.”

“Keep going. What are you leaving out?” Helen looked at him, looked at her wine, looked at him. “The bat’s thoughts were oddly… ”

She hesitated. “Oddly phrased, like the they were in a funny accent, or other language, and in my head a lot like Wolf’s accent and tone.”

Daniel started to feel impatient with Helen again. “So you think the bat is Wolf? You think Wolf is some kind of vampire or something?”

Helen looked sheepish. “I don’t know what to think, but I’m telling you the whole truth now.” “I think you’re nuts,” he said curtly.

“I also think I’m too hungry and hurting to talk about this further. Let’s eat.” “OK.” Helen got up to serve them both dinner and more wine.

“Will you be able to make it back to the car tomorrow?” “I think so,” Daniel said wincingly, “but it will be a long, slow hike out.”

“I’ll be with you and you can lean on me all you want.” “I know, and I’m sorry, I’ve been in such a nasty mood about everything.”

Lean on Me information

Helen gave Daniel a kiss on the cheek. “Apology accepted, and I’m sorry I’ve been all freaked out by all this.” Daniel kissed her back.

“I don’t know about you, but I’d like to find a cache or two on the way back. Didn’t we skip a couple while we were talking to the others?”

Helen nodded. “Yep, and that will make us both feel better.” She grinned and took his dishes. Soon they were both relaxed in the tent.

“I wish this had been the romantic adventure we were kind of planning on,” he sighed. “Me, too, but perhaps it’s for the best,” she said.

“We didn’t want to rush in to anything anyway, Daniel.” As the light faded, they both faded off to sleep, only reawakening with the sun.

video – quiet desert –


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