The Adventures of Helen and Daniel, #1 Ch. 11

The Adventures of Helen and Daniel
Chapter 11- Issues with Wildlife

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Daniel shifted his weight uncomfortably. He was in the shadow of a large boulder, but the sun was high, and the cool spot kept moving.

The bleeding had mostly stopped, but the wounds were quite painful. He knew there was nothing like venom in the barbs. but still…

… the holes they’d left really stung. He wanted to doze off, but was forced to recline in too awkward a position. How long had it been?

‘At least there aren’t any flies’, he thought, taking another sip of water. ‘2/3 empty already, no, I’ll call it 1/3 full. Where’s Helen?’

photo – 2/3 full –

No one had come along at all, and Daniel was glad not to be embarrassed, but now he started to wonder if he should be concerned.

Helen was frozen with fear. A large bat had, in fact, brushed past her and landed on the tent. It was as big as a raven and had teeth.

The bat regarded her from where it grappled with the exterior tent supports. Helen shuddered, in spite of the warm, full sun.

Neither of them moved for many long seconds. Helen’s adrenaline began to subside, but she was still ready to panic, staring at the fangs.

‘Why is this bat out in full daylight?’ Helen’s mind started to race, ‘and why does it look like it’s smiling? And what do I do?!?’

She took a step backwards. The bat didn’t move. It did not appear injured or confused. She took another step backwards, and another.

Daniel had finally dozed off in the heat. The pain had dulled enough, and he had his arm over his eyes. Groggily, reluctantly, he awoke.

The sun had moved enough that he was too much in it again, so he slowly readjusted his position, not wanting to open the wounds.

Suddenly, a movement near his knee caught his eye. He started, blinked, looked again, but there was no mistaking: it was a scorpion.

Arizona bark scorpion on Wikipedia

It was close enough to get him if it wanted to. Daniel had to move and had to move fast. He drew his legs in with a mighty yelp.

Leaping up and away, he got clear of the little bugger, but he was in a world of hurt, and bleeding again. He tried to walk a few steps.

Helen got a few feet away from the tent, but was still riveted by the bat’s gaze. She wanted to run, but was afraid it would chase her.

It’s fangs looked like they could do some damage, too. The bat unfolded it’s wings, and Helen let out a soft, whimpering moan.

As the bat stretched and folded it’s wings a few times, still attached to the tent, Helen thought she heard a voice in her ear, in her head.

‘Why are you afraid, my sweet? Don’t you know me?’ The unbidden thoughts were soothing somehow, yet still terrifying, baffling.

‘Ah – your lover needs you – then go! We will commune later.’ The bat detached itself and whooshed off in a flash. Helen felt dizzy.

video – Helen is dizzy –

photo – boulder –

Daniel clung to the boulder. It was still too painful to walk, and he had no pants. The shirt was now kinda sticking to him, but not a lot.

The water bottle was almost empty, too. A couple more swigs and it would be. He took them, and buried his head in his arms.

“Daniel! Daniel! Where are you?” Daniel had never heard anything more beautiful in his life than the sound of Helen’s voice then.

He managed to croak, “Here… back here…” and immediately she was at his side. “I’m so sorry! I got ambushed by a giant bat!”

Daniel squinted at her through dry, yet sweat-filled eyes. “a …what?” Helen got the first aid kit open and began to tell him her tale.

Daniel was so tired and upset that he didn’t really care what Helen saw or didn’t see as she took the shirt away and started to clean up.

She prattled on and on about some big bat with teeth and eyes and a voice in her head as he guzzled another bottle of water.

video – hot sun –

Finally, her verbal gushing subsided. He could not make heads or tails of any of it. It all just sounded ridiculous, and he said so.

Helen was visibly hurt at his odd combativeness, and stopped talking. She finished dressing his leg and handed him fresh clothes.

“You don’t believe me?” she finally sputtered. “I don’t know what to believe,” Daniel spat back. “You just left me here too long!”

Daniel was just getting into being angry with Helen. “I was out of water! You were gone about twice as long as you needed to be!”

Helen sputtered. “I… couldn’t… I… that thing… was… might have….” “Oh, come ON, Helen!! There are no vampire bats out here!”

Helen started to tear up as Daniel continued. “You really let your imagination run away with you – I KNOW you do that… but this time…”

Daniel finished getting dressed. “This time, it could have cost me my life! I almost got bit by a scorpion and almost dehydrated!”

photo – empty bottle –

Helen blinked back her tears. “I’m s-s-sorry… Daniel, but it’s t-t-rue. Honest!” Daniel snorted. “Just get me back to the campsite.”


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