The Adventures of Helen and Daniel, #1 Ch. 10

The Adventures of Helen and Daniel
Chapter 10 – Thus Ends our Caching Day, er, Week

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Daniel looked at Helen, trying to seem merely apologetic and embarassed, but the pain was overwhelming him, his eyes tearing up.

Helen made her way carefully to him, and helped him get the rest of the way down the hill, where he had to stop moving his leg entirely.

The spines were moving themselves deeper into his skin with every step. They were positioned in a way that made it impossible to sit, too.

Daniel managed to find a way to repose on the ground, but every move was more agony. Helen felt helpless. “What do we do now?”

“A small first aid kit – pack”, Daniel managed to say through gritted teeth. “OK, we’ll see what’s in there.” Helen fumbled in the pack.

Helen investigated the first aid kit while Daniel tried not to move. “There are some Band-Aids, aspirin, gauze, tape, and alcohol wipes.”

Daniel winced, “I have a better one back at camp, but we gotta get these spines out now…. stop!!” Helen had started to reach for one.

“We need tweezers, Helen. If you use your bare hands on these, they’ll hurt you as you try to extract them.” “Well… I do have tweezers.”

Helen got them from her pack. “Boy, there are a lot of them.” “I know,” Daniel sighed, “I’m so sorry. I’m such a dork, and I know better!”

“It’s OK, sweetie.” Helen cringed at the thought of trying to get them all out. “Where should I start?” “Anywhere…” “OK… here goes.”

Helen got the first one out of the skin in just a few seconds without too much trouble, but it was hard to get the barb out of the cloth.

Daniel knew what he really needed to do. He’d heard his dad say it. He had to just pull the pants off and take all of the barbs with them.

Yes, that was what must be done. Helen looked aghast as he told her. “What can I do? Is there… er….” “I just gotta… do this… ”

Daniel’s hiking pants were loose enough that he knew he could kind of peel them back, but he was not looking forward to the sensation.

Every move he made to find a better position dug the barbs in deeper, though, so he finally just gritted his teeth and went for it.

Helen had not anticipated that her first real look at Daniel in the alltogether would involve so much pain. She wanted to hide her eyes.

However, she knew she needed to be ready with the alcohol wipes and gauze. Off came the pants, out came the barbs. and Daniel yelped.

There was blood everywhere, and it was hard to tell if all the barbs were gone. Tossing the pants away, Daniel tried to see the damage.

“Just lay back,” Helen instructed, “let me check for barbs and get this cleaned up.” She worked as quickly as she could with the wipes.

She didn’t encounter any further barbs, but his thigh was still bleeding quite a bit. She put all the gauze on, but there wasn’t enough.

The pain was starting to subside, but Daniel had no pants to wear and not all of his wounds were covered. Helen stroked his hair gently.

“Daniel, I have to go back to the campsite for more bandages and another pair of pants for you.” “I know…. can I borrow your extra shirt?”

Helen covered him appropriately with her long-sleeved shirt. Daniel apologized about getting blood on it, but she wouldn’t hear it.

“It’ll wash out,” she assured him, “I’m a laundry stain expert.” Helen left him with an extra bottle of water and a last look back.

Daniel smiled at her courageously, “Hurry…” “I should be back in about 45 minutes, ” Helen said as she took off quickly down the trail.



The earlier rain that day had deterred everyone else apparently, as Helen had the trail all to herself as she made her way back to camp.

The sky was now clear and the desert was still smelling fresh from the cleansing storm. The wind was kicking up just a little, however.

Helen shivered even though it was rather warm. All of a sudden, she had the odd sensation that she was being watched or followed.

Stopping dead in her tracks, Helen turned a slow, full circle, but saw no one and heard nothing. She continued down the rocky path.

As she neared the campsite, she thought she saw a small shadow flit by. A bird, maybe? Her imagination? She was getting spooked.

Still feeling spooked, Helen finally got back to the campsite and began to collect the things she needed to bring back to Daniel.

She rummaged through their stuff as quickly as she could, but she didn’t want to forget anything. She grabbed the big first aid kit first.

Then she found Daniel’s other pair of pants and even managed to find a new pair of underwear for him. ‘Feels oddly wifely,’ she thought.

Helen liked that thought, and held on to it while she did a quick check to make sure she had all she’d come for, then began to hike back.

She’d taken only a few steps when she was startled out of her skin by a fluttery noise and something brushing her face, and panicked!

Oh, yes, another week of cliffhanger! What scared Helen so badly? Find out on Monday, March 9, when our story resumes!
Hey, the author needs to go get more desert photos! See them starting on Monday, March 9, when our story resumes!
Is that vampire guy, Wolf, stalking Helen as a bat? Find out on Monday, March 9, when our story resumes!
Is poor Daniel going to bleed to death before Helen gets back with his pants? Find out on Monday, March 9, when our story resumes!
Do you think a vampire should just go nab Daniel while he’s down? Find out on Monday, March 9, when our story resumes!
Why would the author be making a road trip to Vegas for photos, too? Hm… Find out on Monday, March 9, when our story resumes!
Yes, the author thinks these cliffhangers are fun. Ha ha ha… but this one is over tomorrow, March 9, when our story resumes!


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