Twitter Novel

If you need to catch up on my Twitter novel, here’s the place!
To read it as it is published, please follow me on Twitter:

What’s a Twitter novel? I got the idea from this blog post:

I’ll be posting 5 tweets a day, so it should be easier to follow than other I’ve seen so far. I’m also including links to twitpic and youtube for my “illustrations.” “The Adventures of Helen and Daniel” is about two geocachers (see who are off to AZ for a camping trip together. It’s mostly about the outdoor journey and their inner journey as a new couple. By request from a couple of followers, though, there will be a little ” steamy stuff” and perhaps a vampire (LOL) but it’s mostly to be fun, frivolous, and fluffy fun for my followers. Please feel free to follow, read, and make comments. I also hope to be able to direct the story as my readers suggest, at least to some degree.


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