Lake Balboa Walkabout

12 01 2012

I’d been staring at this cache for a while, wondering how to access it:
Dragonfly in K9Sport's Kalifornia TB Hotel

The overhead maps are inconclusive, since there has been construction in the area, and things are different than they look. I could see that the cache is near the busway, but there are fences along that, and no way to walk down it. I finally decided to just go over there and walk around until I could find how to get it. I met up with Spoondoggie and Doc Sylvia (her first geocaching experience!),

… and we wandered down Balboa Boulevard from the park and ride. Sure enough, I spotted a dirt roadway I’d never noticed before, even though I’d driven and walked around the area dozens of times. We walked beside the L. A. River (cemented in) back by a sod farm and out to where the bus way curves south from Victory to Oxnard, and were led directly to the cache!

After conquering that, we headed back out and across the street to pick up a few stragglers in Balboa Park.
The Cee-ment Stream

Trolls? Ah… there’s a cache under there!
Greggy's 61st Birthday

Lake Balboa

A Swan!

Winter Trees, with Contrail

Bus in the Sunset

Hey, beauty is where you find it.


A Week of Variety

20 05 2010

Obviously, there are many things I love about geocaching, and one of them is the variety of places, hides, and activities involved. This week, I only found a requisite handful of caches continuing my 100-day streak, but each came with its own uniqueness.

5/15 WWFMVII – West Hills – Not FAA Approved

The week started off with a bang: a World Wide Flash Mob Event. Geocachers from all over the world held these simultaneously, each with a different theme, but significant in that all of us were gathering somewhere all at the same time to celebrate geocaching.

We all made paper airplanes and ate fresh baked muffins!

We each launched our impromptu craft to see who could fly theirs the furthest, and Steve of the Ventura Kids won. Here he is tossing the winning piece of folded paper:


These three were along a short hike in Ahmanson Ranch, just west of the San Fernando Valley. The verdant greens of spring have faded to the summer golds.

Wildflowers still lend vivid splashes of color:

Mega Tower Trading Post

The cache is right next to a big, empty lot in the middle of The Valley. One of these buildings used to be one of the first radio stations.

The Divining Rod
My intended cache was at this scenic area with long walking paths adjacent to Lake Balboa Park.

Unfortunately, it was missing, so I ended up at a light pole cache a couple of miles away.

Yesterday, I only had time for another quick one:
I incorporated it into my list of errands.

I’m enjoying the relaxed pace of finding caches, which is unexpected. I thought I’d be chomping at the bit to get out for big caching days, but the minimalist approach is inspiring me to slow down and enjoy the bit of a respite each day. It’s feeling more like a discipline than an obsession, which is good for the time being.

I can always return to the mega caching habit, and probably will… in due time.