California Road Trip

14 06 2012

I’m taking several trips back and forth to the Bay Area to perform an opera this month, and I should be able to get some caching in en route and up there. I did some serious caching around San Francisco a few years ago, but it’s a fresh new geoworld up there now.

Whenever I make a trip north, I love to stop off at Pyramid Lake, where there is a large display on the history of water in Southern California.
I never tire of this view:

This is a look at the dam to the south:

Just at the southern point of the San Joaquin Valley is a rather steep freeway incline called The Grapevine. I stopped at the three new caches on a frontage road near a large truck stop area.
Get Bent
Not sure
Truck Flipper

Looking north from the caches in to the San Joaquin Valley:

The hills are their summer golden color, which is what gave California its nickname:

The photos look peaceful, but the road is anything but!

I then headed for my stop for the evening, Madera, and grabbed a new one right off I-99 at one of the best restaurants in town, The Vineyard.
Cork In The Vine

The hedge in the background is actually a grapevine! There are hundreds of bunches hanging amongst the leaves.