Geocaching Colorado Style!!

25 04 2009

I got to sing a concert with Sixth Wave in Greeley, Colorado, this week, at the University of Northern Colorado Jazz Festival, and I’m two days late in posting, because the hotel’s internet connection was down. Sheesh. The town also offers several late-night very loud train whistles and a remarkable pungency in the air from the local cattle industry! Wow….


I met up with some local cachers in the morning. We started out with a superlative home-cooked Mexican breakfast at Hope Mexican restaurant. There’s nothing like a meal cooked with love, and the couple that run the place really love what they do.

Here is my posse for the day:
Queen Zelda


Team Laxon

Queen Zelda was really excited to be the new keeper of the world’s weirdest travel bug, Uncle Elwyn!
Uncle Elwyn (Travel Bug Dog Tag)

We cached around the town for a baker’s dozen of finds:

The Curious Testamentary Trust of Cecil Walsh 05 – This series comes with a whole novel on the cache pages! I’ll have to actually read them all sometime….
First Try
Queen’s Cache
Cache Xing
85/34 Travel bug/Geocoin Hotel
Mondo’s On Every Corner #16
Drainage #1
Welcome To The Home Of mcminks
UNC #3-Hopper Sprout #1
UNC #5-Welcome To West Campus
Ivy League
I Like the Bears
UNC #4-Put me in Coach

Cache Auto:

Scenic Drainage:

Scenic L.P.:

Human GPSr, aka Team Laxon:

The piƩce de resistance was the 4th one on that list, and I, not having a change of shoes and a performance to that night (!), got to be the official videographer and shot the following sequence to document the craziness:

We celebrated after all this hard work with a great lunch. I had corn & clam chowder with deep fried pickles. Oh yeah.

The Colorado adventures continue in next week’s blog with a trip up Pike’s Peak! Until then… cache on….