Cacheless Caching in Sage Ranch

17 11 2011

One of my favorite parks is Sage Ranch. The loop trail is a moderate hike with nice views, and there are rarely many other people there, so it’s very quiet. The park has been more or less saturated with caches, so no new ones have been put in, therefore when f0t0m0m was looking for a place to hike, I jumped at the chance to suggest Sage Ranch. Since I just refound all of the caches there, one could say it was cacheless caching for me.

OK, he did hide a new one, and I beta tested it, and we did a bunch around Simi Valley after lunch, but I like my blog post title anyway.

This is the one I beta tested:
F0T0M0M's Panorama XI

We stopped along the road in for a cache near this dramatic scenery:

More drama, this time in the form of a burnt tree and a boulder entangled shared space:

This is looking into Simi Valley from the upper part of the park:

In another corner, the trail overlooks the old Rocketdyne facility. The history of this place is not insignificant!

A camp ground is nestled down in the center of the park:

and this is our version of “fall colors”:

We did do another example of cacheless caching later that day. This cache is placed high up in a tree, but if one is not able to physically access it, a found log is permitted with a photo at the tree.
The tree cache.
I did give it my best effort.