Geocaching Like a Pirate? Confessions of a techo-geek-multitasker….

30 04 2009

OK, just when you think Facebook can’t get more entertaining, they put an option on there to have the site translated into Pirate English! If you have an account, click on the lower left “English” and choose the Pirate beta… been laughing out loud at the results!

I must confess that I’m guilty of spending too much time there and not enough geocaching, but I’m determined to get my priorities in order now, and get RE-obsessed by our TRUE calling, o fellow logbook seekers! Avast ye all! er….. um… I can actually do both at once, since I can access Facebook AND Twitter with my iPhone.

I’m doomed.

Doomed to have WAY too much fun in life, that is!

Speaking of fun, my poison oak rash is STILL healing and itchy. I’ve experimented with all of the remedies, and found that regular calamine – with the zinc oxide – was the most soothing, alternated with over-the-counter cortisone cream. I used some Zanfel two weeks after the fact, and that still helped ease the symptoms. I will definitely reach for THAT first, next time. The oral steroids had some effect in stopping the spreading of the rash, but didn’t do much to reverse it. I might insist on a shot next time, being a recommendation from a fellow sufferer. I picked up a bottle of Ivy Block lotion, per Pacholik, and will test that out in the field… later… and also learned about Rhus Tox, a preventative homeopathic that I will most certainly investigate as well. Whew!

This week’s feature caching adventure: Garden of the Gods, adjacent to Colorado Springs, where one of my cousins conveniently lives. A visit to him a couple of years ago brought me my very first Earthcache, and I nabbed three more in the vicinity this time:

Garden of the Gods – The Three Graces
Garden of the Gods – Sentinel Rock
Balanced Rock

At the Garden of the Gods:

I give the balanced rock an adjustment:

I inspect The Three Graces:

Quasi bonsai wind-cut island:

These were four other caches I visited while in Colorado:
Wind Beneathe My……. cool windmill collection
Caching Critters-Dangling Dragonfly the closest unfound to my cousin’s house
RIP Cub’s – The Sequel quick light pole find while my cousin put gas in his car
The plot of time by the clock in Manitou Springs

I attempted to get to the top of Pike’s Peak, but the road was closed and the train tracks were blocked by snow near the summit, but my cousin and I took the train anyway and got up to 13,360 ft. Here are a few photos and a couple of videos of the cacheless excursion. More can be found on my Flickr page!

We headed up there:

We got this high up:

We saw a bighorn sheep:

The sky was very blue up there:

A little bit about the cog train:

The tracks had to be cleared through several feet of snow!

Until next week… happy rashless cacheFUL caching!