San Francisco Nirvana

21 06 2012

As I was driving up the freeway on the west side of the San Francisco peninsula this week, I couldn’t help but notice this wonderful combination of cuisines:

I came back today to indulge in both, then looked for the nearest easy and interesting cache. It turned out to be at a tribute to a heroic police officer. It’s also a fun idea for a cache series, placing them at presidentially named streets.
Presidents' Street Series #1 – George Washington

I then found my nature nirvana in nearby Glen Park.

This cache is right near the trail head, and I like the idea of the challenge.
The John Glenn Challenge Cache

It was a bit busy and noisy as I started on my short walk along the shady trail:

A little further along, and I was in peace and quiet:

There were hillsides full of wildflowers:

Even the center dividers of the roadways here are full of color:

More Geocaching with my iPhone – nice software update!

9 04 2009

Here is a series of videos I did the other day to show you some new feature in the iPhone Geocaching app – maps and field notes are really marvelous now!

New Mapping in the App:

Driving with the map:

Using the compass:

At a cache, looking around:

Next cache:

Second waypoint, and creating my field note:

Submitting the field note:

Accessing in Safari on my iPhone to complete the logging in:

The field notes are on the profile page, not the cache page:

The field note is posted:

Cache found and logged in, in the wild, all on my iPhone:

Blooming bushes and bees:

Burger time!

Happy techno caching!