Big Bear Escape

11 08 2011

The annual Big Bear Cache Bash drew me up in to the mountains for a weekend escape.

I got up there barely in time to see some folks at the event, then headed for a scenic bed and breakfast to relax.

Breakfast was served on the veranda:

After the homemade, healthy repast, I heading out for a quick find in the nearby hills. The sky was the deep blue that you can only see at higher elevations:

Italian Stallion II

I then found a handful around town:
Hangin Aound the Gazebo
Jones Loves finding Reward in Mindyana's bush
TGC's BB Cache #1

A couple of caches each had a Munzee in the vicinity, so I ended up snagging a bunch of those new-fangled things, too. The hider chose an easy-to-see sticker style!

These are fun, but it doesn’t trump the creativity of geocaching. Here’s a prime example of a delightful container!