Big Bear Escape

26 08 2010

She took a deep breath, slowly exhaling, and willing the tension out of her back and shoulders. The hot mug of coffee felt comforting in her hands. She took a careful sip, and relished it’s smoky aftertaste. A siren broke the silence, so she said a quick prayer for the intrepid group that was racing off somewhere to the rescue. It was odd to hear that sound in this quiet, small town. In a few seconds, the normal peaceful sounds of birds and wind in the pines were once more the dominant music of the morning. This weekend would be over all too soon, but she knew that the rejuvenation and inspiration would last for weeks. She took another sip of coffee and opened the book she was reading.

On Glory Ridge Road


– photo by FishPOET

The Tired Man’s Geocache

"Whole Lotta Trouble"