19 01 2012

Santa Ana River Trail
Where is the SART?
SART Parking
through SART #50

f0t0m0m and I took two cars, left one at the northeast end of the trail in Colton, then drove to Riverside and walked the 6 miles back to the first car.

Yes, beauty is where you find it, but sometimes you have to look REALLY hard.

The caches, 50 of them in this section, were mostly down off the bike trail (with the view) and in this gully area by the fences.

The river bed is mostly dry.

This is one of the actually scenic spots.

In the distance to the east, we could still see some snow on the mountains.

Well, it’s a place to sit down, at least, but not so compelling to come for a picnic.

This video shows more of the industrial scenery.

It was a great way to get out and get some exercise in any case!


The Antonym of Scenery

18 11 2010

It was a nice, flat 4-mile hike in ideal temperate sunny weather, and f0t0m0m and I found 31 caches with no DNFs. The bike trail is new, and wanders through a quiet, safe neighborhood of industrial buildings and suburban backyards. What’s the downside?

CCC: Steel Sunflower

We did walk right by this relic: a drive-in movie theater still showing movies! (It’s way back there past the RV dealer…)

No matter how much cement there is, nature will always prevail with its verdant offering of fruits and flowers:

Later, we found one of the nicely enhanced light pole hides. The creator of these, IWillFindIt!!, was featured in the “official” geocaching blog recently. Do check out that post for more photos of Julie’s surprise art work!

Monster Mash

… but the piece de resistance of the day was BUNNIES! These guys were happily frolicking in a garden adjacent to a park: