Denouement: Tonopah and the Trip Home

11 11 2011

Three weeks later, I’m still exhausting just thinking about our alien adventure. I did finally get all 1500+ logged in, and now have the #27,000 accounted for:

On the trip back, I found a handful of caches with OLdweeb, and started to feel like a “normal” geocacher again. Our first stop was at the Tonopah Historic Mining Park, an outdoor museum on a hill in town that afforded this view:

We didn’t take the time for the hour-long tour, but we did grab the cache in the gift shop.
Tonopah Historic Mining Park

Goldfield yielded some cache finds and a chance to check out some remarkable old buildings, especially this old school house that the town is hoping to restore.
Goldfield Ghost Town (High School)

We also stopped off in Heaven – Geocacher’s Heaven, that is!
Geocacher's Heaven

Yes, I bought one. One day, I will hide it for the enjoyment of my fellow cachers. Now… back to our regularly scheduled caching!