8 11 2012

Mingo is a small town in Kansas. It’s also the oldest original active geocache. (The first cache ever placed now has a plaque there, and a replacement cache nearby.) As many before me have done, I planned this segment of my trip to pilgrimage to this famous cache, both for its historic longevity, and as one of the finds I needed to complete the Jasmer challenge. (More on that next week…)

I was surprised and curious as I entered the state, and still wonder where the fish are:

My first find in KS:

After several days of flat, flat, flat, I found myself missing the mountains that I’m so used to in California.

Even small side roads seem to stretch out endlessly.

Corn fields and old buildings still make for striking scenery, perhaps more so without any distractions on the horizon.

Quest achieved! Here’s where the Mingo cache is located:

Mingo and Me

A closer look at the container

Here’s the log!

The town has only a couple of streets, and not all of them paved. Here’s a quick tour.




2 responses

8 11 2012
Sean Stafford

Very COOL! I am glad to see that the construction, which happened a few months did not obliterate the GZ and that the owner was able to replace the cache. Great blog!

9 11 2012
Leo Dillon

Always thought it would be great to travel aimlessly and geocache with you……

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