Iowa and Nebraska

25 10 2012

From Missouri, I took a long detour to the north in order to get caches in Iowa and Nebraska before heading back south and west. There are only a couple of caches in the southwestern corner of Iowa, and I ended up driving several miles out of the way to accomplish my goal. The first one was on the outskirts of the little town of Hamburg.

L&C "Chauvin"-Hamburg-McKissock

Main St.

The cache was up on a bluff, so I actually had a view!

The next two were bonus caches as far as getting the state was concerned, but since I’d come this far, I didn’t want to skip them. I’m glad I didn’t, as I really enjoyed the opportunity to be out on the scenic country roads.

The two caches were in a couple of very large front yards of farm houses across from endless fields of corn and other crops.

Das Muhle die klein rot Henne
I thought there might be a significance to the German cache title, but it was just hidden in the kitschy yard decor. No one came out to greet me at either house, so I made quick work of the hides, and headed for the next state.

I grabbed my first Nebraska cache at a little picnic area near a large museum dedicated to Lewis & Clark. They had traveled a similar trajectory as they explored these areas for a way to get to the Pacific Northwest.

Lunch with Lewis and Clark
The view from the cache:

I was running out time (as usual), so I didn’t see much inside the museum, but a sign outside honored a very important member of their team, Hunter, their dog!

My other find in Nebraska was in Kearney.
Gateway to Kearney Cache

I saw the gateway monument mostly in the dark, as my arrival in Kearney was late in the day. Of course I was curious about it, so I did a little research to see if it was worth backtracking 10 miles to check it out in the daylight. It looked to be way too kitschy a tourist trap for my taste.
Archway Monument

Instead, I made good time the next morning heading homeward through the flat, flat mid west:




3 responses

25 10 2012
Ian Roberts

Please tell me you had a hamburger in Hamburg!

25 10 2012

Did you see my sig in L&C “Chauvin”-Hamburg-McKissock? I found it 6 years ago, lol

1 11 2012
Jeff Albertson

Lewis and Clark’s dog was named Seaman. He was a hunter, watchdog and faithful friend.

Glad you enjoyed those caches, we have done them as well.

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