Gateway to The West

11 10 2012

I hadn’t planned on stopping at the St. Louis Arch (silly me!!), but as I approached it, I knew I had to take a closer look. It’s right across the mighty Mississippi River, and it did make me feel welcome – and impressed!

It’s a spectacular structure. From the right angle, it looks like an obelisk.

It’s BIG. It would not fit in my camera frame as I got close to it. This is the base:

… here’s the top. The angles almost make the air underneath it look like glass.

My video gives a better perspective.

Since I hadn’t done any research ahead of time, I had no idea what to expect. I discovered a vast underground museum and breezeway. I was glad to get down there, as it was literally over 100º outside.

From here, I could buy an expensive ticket to ride up to the top, but I opted not to, rather I spent the time I had on a history-seeking, multi-stage virtual that had me scouring the museum for clues.

St. Louis Arch Virtual Cache

After finding the clues in the various displays, which included walls and walls of dates, history, animatronic figures, and artifacts, I put together the final coordinates, and headed back outside to find the cache. I went down these new steps:

… and back up these old, crumbling steps:

I was glad that the final was easy to find, and it was even back by the garage where I’d happened to park my car!




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