Caching into Texas

30 08 2012

My first cache in Texas on this trip was at a general store crowded with both antiques and contemporary things to buy.

The Unique & Classic Spartan
Can you spot the cache? It’s under the really large antique.

After this rest stop cache, Fasten Seatbelts, Iowa Park Southbound, the next one on the list was this virtual, Quanah Rocket.
The rocket was much smaller than I imagined, but still holds a lot of history.

The town of Quanah itself is like a classic Western movie set.

It’s named for an amazing man, the last Comanche chief.
Quanah Parker

I love it when geocaches lead me to these unexpected discoveries, like history, and like this billboard of the brands of the local ranches around Quanah.

We had dinner in an unusual Sonic, with indoor tables and phones on each for ordering… and a full-size John Wayne statue.

The overcast weather developed into a lively thunder and lightning storm in the evening. My sister even caught a lightning strike with her camera!




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