Route 66

23 08 2012

On the first few days of our road trip, my sister and I primarily followed historic Route 66, which is pretty much intact, even though most of it is now freeway and bypasses many of the towns and original establishments that flourished along it in its heyday. We saw many casualties of time, like this one:

That old church is right around the corner from a gas station that’s still doing quite well.

We stopped for lunch in the little town of Tucumcari, and found a great local coffee shop: Kix on 66. As we were waiting to be seated, I chatted with some other travelers, who mentioned something about a Blue Swallow. As I scouted around for caches while we ate, I saw one with the same name.

This turned out to be one of the most fun stops of the whole trip!

The yard was full of antique cars, most of them for sale.

Each room has its own garage, painted creatively.

We stocked up on souvenirs, then headed further in to town for a cache I’d picked out for my original list:
Dino Pins

It’s in front of a dinosaur museum, and we ended up spending an hour going through it, as it’s one of the most extensive collections of fossils and dinosaur history in the country. We had two excellent adventures in the same little town!

My sister is dwarfed by this triceratops skull.

Ride a dinosaur?

I think there’s something behind me….

Here, kitty, kitty!!

Note: this is NOT Marzipan… but she does have a similar attitude sometimes. Ha.




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