A Big Hole in the Ground

9 08 2012

As we headed east from Flagstaff, my sister and I noticed a sign pointing to a meteor crater, and not just any meteor crater. The Barringer Crater is the world’s most perfectly preserved impact crater. From here, scientists discovered a wealth of knowledge about our planet and solar system.
Barringer Crater Earthcache
The earthcache page gives a good overview of its history, dimensions, and composition.

It was windy up there:

The flatness of the area around it give the illusion that the crater is not as deep as it is, but it’s as deep as the Washington Monument is tall.

These telescopes are pointed at particular things of interest in the crater, including a little statue of an astronaut waving a flag, a large rock on the rim, and various tunnels that scientists have dug to try to find the original meteor.

Inside the museum we saw a movie about the impact, and a large display of the science and history of the meteor. This is the largest chunk of it that they’ve found, and everyone can touch this piece of the sky:

We also saw am impressive display of fossils. The gift shop had fossils and little piece of meteor for sale, too!




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9 08 2012
Jim Carleton

Many, many years ago, before we had any kids, Sharon and I visited Barringer Meteor Crater, and walked all the way around it. Quite a long walk, too! I’ve wanted to visit it again for years.

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