The Grand Grand Canyon

2 08 2012

My sister had never been to this spectacular park, so we took the extra time to drive up to Mather Point.

Here’s our first look upon arrival:

No photograph can do this giant, detailed vista justice, even with all these colors, but we did our best to try:

I always listen for how many different languages I can identify when I’m in places like this.

You can just barely see a bit of the Colorado River way down at the bottom.

We got there just before sunset, which curtailed our time to gawk, but on the other hand, it’s the perfect time to admire the amazing rainbows of colors as the sun goes down.

The colors morph:

… and we were finally left with this palette in the western sky:

I had already found the easy virtuals out there, so my next cache was the following morning, and it turned out be on a lovely urban nature trail near the hotel.
love2travel – [C:DOS] 6




2 responses

2 08 2012

SO awesome! I’m going in a couple weeks and i cannot WAIT! These pictures make me want to go even more!!!

2 08 2012
Teri Reisser

The Grand Canyon…as breathtaking as ever!!!!!

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